2.1 million air seats scheduled this winter between the UK and the Canary Islands

Published on October 25, 2021
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The Canary Islands tourism board will participate in the World Travel Market (WTM), where they will present a mobile app optimized for visitors to learn more information about the islands.

Turismo de Canarias will attend the World Travel Market (WTM) tourist fair with the aim of consolidating the islands as one of the favorite destinations of British citizens.

This winter will bring an increase in air connectivity between the Canary Islands and the UK, with 2.1 million seats scheduled for the archipelago for this winter, representing a growth of 3.2% (66,300 more seats) compared to the same period prior to the pandemic.

Representants from the Tourism Ministry attend the WTM with the objectives of "promoting the reactivation of the first issuing market and guaranteeing a high occupancy of those two million air seats, as well as strengthening the global tourist recovery", assured Castilla.

In 2019, the Canary Islands accounted for 7% of British vacations and 5 million tourists came to the islands, meaning 33% of the total number of visitors (15.1 million). 

In 2019, 82% of British people chose the archipelago for its warm climate, an attribute on which the Canary Islands Tourism campaign 'The other winter' focuses.

In addition, 62% of British tourists appreciate the safety of the destination, a strength that according to the Minister for Tourism, Yaiza Castilla, has been demonstrated both throughout the pandemic and now with the eruption of the La Palma volcano. "We have not had to regret human losses and there has been total coordination between the different administrations and security and emergency personnel, in addition to an exemplary behavior on the part of residents, who still continues to suffer the devastation caused by the lava," said the counselor. In third place, 55.7% of visitors to the United Kingdom value the accommodation offered in the Canary Islands.

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