7 Best Viewpoints in Fuerteventura

Published on October 11, 2023
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mirado sicasumbre fuerteventura
View from Mirador Sicasumbre, Fuerteventura

For many people, Fuerteventura is all about beaches, cocktails, and relaxing around the pool. And while all these things are nice, Fuerteventura is much more than that and the island hides a lot of amazing views, some of which are easily accessible to anyone that's curious enough to go out and explore.  

If you want to explore Fuerteventura then you should rent a car and take a drive to see all the beautiful places. The landscape and the views are changing from coast to coast and there are many places worth seeing and exploring.

Here's a list of the best viewpoints in Fuerteventura, places from where you can see some of the best views in Fuerteventura overlooking the inland and the ocean.

1. Faro de la Entallada (Entallada Lighthouse)

mirador faro de la entallada fuerteventura
Viewing platform at the  Entallada Lighthouse

Faro de la Entallada is situated on the east coast and it offers amazing views towards the ocean. This is also the closest point to Africa in all the Canary Islands. The drive up to the lighthouse is a bit scary for some inexperienced drivers, but if you're careful and calm it's really worth the visit.

You could also go up by bike or on foot, but be careful to pick a day when it's not hot, otherwise, you will suffer because of the lack of shade.

2. Mirador Morro Velosa

mirador morro velosa
Amazing view of the inland and the desert-like landscape 

This is probably the most famous Mirador on the island. It was designed by César Manrique and it's a must-stop on the road towards Betancuria.

Admission to Morro Velosa Viewpoint is free and you get to walk in a small but beautiful garden before you get to the actual viewpoint. You can also have something to drink in the small cafe place while you enjoy the view.

A warning regarding the schedule: Morro Velosa Viewpoint is closed on Mondays.

3. Mirador de Guise y Ayose

fuerteventura best viewpoints miradors

The Morro Velosa Statues are situated in the Rural Park Betancuria, very close to the viewpoint with the same name: Mirador Morro Velosa. Mirador de Guise and Ayose or Mirador Corrales de Guize is situated at an altitude of 600 m, in a place where you can see towards the north of Fuerteventura: the dunes of Corralejo, Tiscamanita and even El Cotillo.

4. Viewpoint Las Penitas

mirador las penitas fuerteventura viewpoint
View from Mirador Las Penitas at sunset

This is another viewpoint on the Betancuria road, which is situated after Betancuria if you're driving from north to south.

Actually, this is somewhat of the Viewpoints Scenic Route, since there are 2 more on this road, making it to a total of 4.

5. Mirador Risco de las Penas

mirador risco de las penas fuerteventura
A nice view in Fuerteventura at the best moment of the day, during Golden Hour

This viewpoint is situated right after the Las Penitas Viewpoint and it's a short driving distance.

All these places have a small car park, so you can stop safely in order to admire the landscape.

6. Mirador Sicasumbre

mirador sicasumbre fuerteventura
View from Mirador Sicasumbre during golden hour (before sunset)


Mirador Sicasumbre is the most recent addition to the viewpoints on the road from Betancuria. If I had to choose just one on this list, I would definitely choose this one.

You'll have to climb for a few minutes in order to get to Mirador Sicasumbre, but it's totally worth it for the breathtaking views.

7. Pico de la Zarza

This is not an actual viewpoint, in the sense that there is no actual structure designed to act as a mirador or viewpoint.

Still, Pico de la Zarza is the highest point in Fuerteventura and it has views over the west coast of the island. It is looking upon the Cofete Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, no doubt.

Pico de la Zarza is situated in the Jandia Natural Park and the walk should take you no more than 2-3 hours each way, so a total of 4-6 hours, depending on the number of stops you make. Be careful that there is no shade on the entire road, so pick a cool day to make the journey to the Pico de la Zarza.

These are our recommendations for the best viewpoints in Fuerteventura. If you know of other places that offer breathtaking views over the island, please let us know and we will update the list.

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