Buses will take tourists to see the volcanic eruption in La Palma this weekend

Published on October 29, 2021
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Source: INVOLCAN - taken on a scientific flight on the of the Guardia Civil helicopter along with an INVOLCAN team

Monday is a public holiday in the Canary Islands, so with a long weekend ahead, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the director of Pevolcan, has announced that there will be buses running to take tourists to see the volcanic eruption happening in La Palma.

This weekend is expected to attract a number of tourists to La Palma, who are curious to see an active volcano erupting, so the authorities have prepared buses that will run every 20 minutes to take people in a safe manner to a place from where they can get a good view of the eruption.

The authorities are asking that tourists should not take their own cars and head out, in order to leave the roads clear for the use of emergency services. The bus service will run from the old airport in Buenavista, where there are lots of parking places available, up to the area of the Tajuya church, from where they can get a good view of the volcano.

Private vehicles are especially requested not to use the LP-3 road so that the emergency services can act whenever necessary.

In addition, pedestrians traveling on the roads near the area of the eruption are asked to always wear a reflective vest, to avoid accidents.

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