Cabildo tests eco-friendly paving on the road to Cofete and Puertito de la Cruz

Published on November 17, 2022
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Image source: Cabildo de Fuerteventura

The Area of ​​Infrastructures, Roads and Territorial Planning of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, directed by President Sergio Lloret, carried out on Wednesday, November 16, a test of a consolidating and stabilizing product for paving, which could be used for ecologically-friendly paving of the road between Morro Jable and Puertito de la Cruz and Cofete.  

This is an essential prior step, as explained by the president during the test, to  "give environmental viability"  to the project of paving the road that the institution plans to carry out in the future. 

Since the area has the status of Protected Natural Park, the method used would have to be eco0friendly, in order to avoid any negative effects on the environment. 

 "It is important that the residents and visitors to the south of Fuerteventura know that we have not forgotten about them and that we are and will continue working to meet all the demands that can be made to respond to the claims that have reached us from residents in this part of the island”,  emphasized Lloret.

While waiting for the tests to bear fruit to confirm the success of the project, the municipal mayor hopes that today's action will serve  "to culminate with this necessity and historical claim that is so necessary for both residents and visitors to Cofete."

Ecological paving that respects the natural environment

As explained during the application of the tested product for the ecological paving of the road, the compound used, despite being capable of withstanding traffic similar to that of other materials such as asphalt or concrete, unlike these, would not leave an environmental footprint.

Without heavy metals, with permeable materials, which would make the paving suitable for hydraulic filtration, and without harmful silicates for agriculture, the product is made with a type of dehydrated resin capable of providing flexibility to the roadway, avoiding cracks.

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