The Canary Islands are confident the UK will lift the quarantine next week

Published on July 31, 2020
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Will the UK lift the quarantine for people returning from the Canary Islands?

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, attended today, Friday, July 31, the XXI Conference of Autonomous Presidents held at the Monastery of Yuste, in San Millán de la Cogolla, in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Today's meeting, the first to be held in person after the state of alarm, has focused on the distribution of the Restructuring Fund approved by the European Council and the assessment of the epidemiological situation by COVID-19, to establish a strategy against new outbreaks. 

The President of the Canary Islands has requested the extension of the ERTE in the Islands beyond the month of September "and as long as it takes until we have economic normality in the Canary Islands." Ángel Víctor Torres assured that this will be one of the most important issues to be discussed at a meeting to be held with those responsible from the Ministries of Tourism, Employment and Territorial Policy.

The Canary Islands have the most favorable epidemiological situation in Spain

The head of the Canarian Executive reported in his speech on the evolution of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in the Canary Islands, with 2,627 positive cases, and on the capacity for diagnostic and healthcare response during these months in which all the islands have proved to have teams of professionals skilled in the identification and monitoring of cases and contacts, and also diagnostic equipment to carry out the PCR.

The Canary Islands currently have 133 active cases, of which 14 are hospitalized and one of them is in the ICU; the rest of the cases are being attended at home with active follow-up by medical professionals. The cumulative incidence (AI) in the last seven days is 2.46 per 100,000 inhabitants, - the state average is 27.4-, which means that the Canary Islands is the Autonomous Community with the second-lowest contagiousness index in Spain. The death toll has remained at 162 for more than a month and a half.

The President of the Canary Islands pointed out that the system of early detection and tracking of positive cases of COVID-19 has become the best asset for the control of the pandemic after the start of the "new normality". 

The Canary Islands are confident that the negotiations with the United Kingdom will prove fruitful and that the quarantine can be lifted  

The President of the Canary Islands stressed that "the decision taken by the United Kingdom to quarantine citizens who return from our country, evidences the urgency of implementing more effective control systems."

The President of the Canary Islands said that diplomatic negotiations are still active and it is expected that the British government will lift the restrictions by differentiating among territories within Spain.

The Canary Island president trusts in the good relations that exist between the two countries and "after the Foreign Minister spoke with her British counterpart today and after Pedro Sánchez's also spoke with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Canary Islands are confident that the quarantine will be lifted next week, since it has no epidemiological reason, due to the fact that the Canary Islands' data is much more favorable than the one in the United Kingdom.

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