Canary Islands increase events capacity for islands on Levels 1 and 2

Published on October 09, 2021
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The Government of the Canary Islands has announced the expansion of the maximum capacity allowed for islands placed at alert levels 1 and 2, which are the levels at which all the islands are already found.

So in islands placed at either level 1 or 2, the maximum capacity allowed in outdoor spaces will be 100% and 80% indoors.

For public shows held outdoors:

  • the maximum capacity allowed will be 100% if the public remains seated and does not consume food;
  • 90% capacity, if the public remains seated and consumes food; or if the public is standing, the maximum capacity will be 90% and no food or drinks may be consumed

For events held indoors:

In activities that are held in closed spaces, the maximum capacity will be 80% and no food or drinks may be consumed, nor will there be a standing public

This modification comes as the islands have improved their epidemiological indicators, as currently, all the islands are at level 1, with the exception of Fuerteventura, which this week remains at level 2.

The Government has also discussed the possibility of creating a dedicated workgroup, in order to help organize the upcoming events and activities related to Christmas, New Year's Eve, Reyes Magos and of course the Carnivals. 

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