Canary Islands to lift all local Covid restrictions this Thursday

Published on March 22, 2022
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The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has announced today that the Canary Islands will eliminate all restrictions this Thursday during the Governing Council reunion.

This means that all the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic that were approved at a regional level in the Canary Islands Autonomous Community will be eliminated. 

"It is not the end of the pandemic, of course not, we will remain vigilant", Torres indicated in his speech, in which he also specified these restrictions can always be reactivated if the circumstances worsen and that this is a "temporary suspension".

Torres has called this decision a "new step towards normality" as the authorities now have "more tools" to deal with Covid.

As announced, this means that only the local restrictions imposed by the Government of the Canary Islands will be lifted.

The measures put in place by the central government in Madrid will remain in place, as those have to be lifted at a national level. This means that you still need to wear a mask indoors, the entry rules to Spain stay the same as these are established at a national level and you still need to complete the locator form.

The local rules refer to those restrictions and measures put in place by the alert levels, which were updated every Thursday. These are the rules that will be scrapped from this Thursday, meaning there will be no more closing time set for places, no more restricted capacity in bars/restaurants, no more limit on groups of people staying sharing a table and dancing should be allowed once again!

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