The Canary Islands propose to open businesses and to let the elderly go out to walk and do sports starting on April 27

Published on April 23, 2020
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Let's also share some positive news, among all this panic and chaos. We will try to find some good news to share from the Canary Islands, from Spain and the entire world, so we can keep up the hope.


1. The Canary Islands government proposes to open businesses and to let the elderly go out to walk and do sports starting on Monday, April 27. The Government will request that the archipelago begins easing the lockdown on the 27th, backed by the good evolution of the pandemic in the islands. It establishes time slots so that adults and children do not coincide on the street. Distances must be respected and masks must be used. (Canarias 7)

2. The president of El Hierro advances that the bars and beaches will open in May. Alpidio Armas affirms that the island is now free of coronavirus after the latest discharges and that in May, if this continues, beaches and bars will be able to open again. (Canarias7)

3. Novartis donates a drug to treat seriously ill patients with COVID-19. The company will provide hospitals that request medication for critically ill patients with COVID-19 (El Dia)

4. The Government rectifies and announces that it will allow children up to 14 years old to go for a walk with their parents (not only for shopping). The Government has rectified the measures announced for children up to 14 years old. After the avalanche of criticism from all parties for the Executive's plan regarding minors, which allowed them only to accompany an adult on the exits allowed under the state of alarm - trips to the supermarket, pharmacy or banks, the government is now allowing walks around the place of residence for minors accompanied by one adult. (Noticias Fuerteventura)

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