Canary Islands remain the main destination for TUI holidays this winter

Published on November 16, 2020
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The president of the Canary Islands and the Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla, have held a meeting today with the CEO of TUI, who confirmed the fact that the demand for holidays in the archipelago is still strong on the German market.

TUI's CEO said that the company strongly believes that it is possible to bring over to the Canary Islands 300,000 German tourists this winter, representing 75% of what was managed in the previous year.

The Canary Islands are currently the safest and best-prepared tourist destination for sunny winter holidays, so TUI has decided to focus all its operations this winter in the archipelago. 

Canary Islands Government is working to get the approval for Antigen tests from the central government

Ángel Víctor Torres reported that the regional Executive is working intensely to achieve in the shortest possible time the harmonization of the Spanish state law that comes into force on November 23 and the decree-law of the Canary Islands, so that the antigen test with a negative result carried out at origin as a diagnostic test for COVID-19 is considered valid.

The Government of the Canary Islands already approves antigen tests in the decree-law passed recently, but currently, based on the announcement made by the central government in Madrid, starting from November 23rd, only PCR tests will be allowed for entering Spain.

So in light of this new requirement coming from the government in Madrid, the Canaries are trying to get the approval for antigen tests to still be considered valid when entering the archipelago.

Antigen tests are faster and cheaper than PCR tests in most countries, so it would make it easier for tourists to get tests before coming on holiday to the islands.

TUI will focus on the Canary Islands this winter

Sebastian Ebel assured that "demand and reservations remain strong" and that the surveys they carried out among customers are showing very high levels of satisfaction, with tourists saying "that they are safer here on vacation than they are at home".

He assured that it is still possible to move 300,000 tourists from Germany this winter season,  representing 75% of the numbers they had last season.

According to the connectivity report carried out by Promotur Turismo de Islas Canarias, the Archipelago currently has an offer of flights from international and national destinations equivalent to 27% of the offer that existed in November 2019, at a weekly average of 92,536 seats offered.

These are worrisome data for the tourism industry in the Canary Islands, but given the fact that reserves have increased, both parties expressed their confidence that as soon as the restrictive measures on mobility are lifted in much of Europe, which could happen as of December, the Canary Islands could once again see a reactivation of demand and tourist flow.

TUI is currently the largest tourist group in the world. It has a market share in Germany of 27.7% (as of January 2020) and in the Canary Islands, after the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, it has a market share of 34.4%.

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