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Published on March 24, 2023
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Which is the hottest Canary Island in June?

The Canary Islands are a year-round beach destination, so any month is perfect for a visit to get some sun and enjoy some beach time. June is no exception to this rule, so June is also a great month to visit the Canary Islands, a bit cooler than July and August, which can be a plus for many people, especially if you don't like very high temperatures. 

June in the Canary Islands also means fewer crowds than in July and August, when most of the people in Europe are used to go on holidays. 

June is a perfect time to explore this unique destination, visit some of the best places, without being overly crowded or hot.

What's the weather like in the Canary Islands in June

June is when the temperatures really start to rise and the weather starts to feel like proper summer (although it's never really cold in the Canary Islands). Temperatures during the day often reach close to 28 - 30°C, so make sure to use a high SPF sun lotion when you are out on the beach or by the pool. 

Temperatures in the Canary Islands in June

Average temperatures for the islands during the month of June.

These temperatures can vary slightly especially in the mountainous regions of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma and La Gomera, where the temperatures will be lower at high altitudes, compared to the temperatures on the coast.

Tenerife South

  • Average high temperature: 25.4°C  (77.7°F)
  • Average low temperature: 18.8°C  (65.8°F)
  • Daily mean: 22.1°C  (71.8°F)

Gran Canaria (Airport)

  • Average high temperature: 25.3°C  (77.5°F)
  • Average low temperature: 19.2°C  (66.6°F)
  • Daily mean: 22.2°C  (72°F)


  • Average high temperature: 26.3°C  (79.3°F)
  • Average low temperature: 18.8°C  (65.8°F)
  • Daily mean: 22.6°C  (72.7°F)


  • Average high temperature: 25.8°C  (78.4°F)
  • Average low temperature: 19.1°C  (66.4°F)
  • Daily mean: 22.5°C  (72.5°F)

As you can see, the temperatures are very similar between the islands.

At night you can expect temperatures around 19°C, so the weather is getting warmer even in the evenings, but you might still need a cardi (always bring a cardi with you on holiday, you never know when you might need it).

Detailed info about the weather conditions & temperatures in June on each individual island:


June is the first month of summer, so in the Canary Islands, this means that there is almost zero chance for rainy days. 

During the summer months, the Canary Islands see almost no rainy days, so you can expect long beach days, with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine hours. 

Sea temperature

  • Tenerife South - Average sea temperature: 21.2°C / 70.2°F
  • Gran Canaria - Average sea temperature: 21.1°C (69.98°F)
  • Lanzarote - Average sea temperature: 20.7°C / 69.3°F
  • Fuerteventura - Average sea temperature: 20.7°C / 69.3°F

It seems that Tenerife and Gran Canaria have the highest water temperature in June. 

The water temperature in June is on average one degree Celsius warmer than it was back in May in the Canary Islands.

Can you swim in the Canary Islands in June?

Yes, you can swim in the Canary Islands in June.

But keep in mind that this is the Atlantic Ocean, so the temperatures won't be as high as in the Mediterranean Sea for example. But you can definitely swim in the Canaries in June, just make sure to choose a protected beach, like a gulf, where the water will be warmer than in open and large beaches.

Which Canary Island is hottest in June?

Based on temperatures, Lanzarote is the hottest Canary Island in June, followed closely by Fuerteventura.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are not much cooler than the previous two, but they do have a more diverse landscape, which translates into different microclimates, so some areas that are in the mountains are cooler than the coastal regions.

In general, June is a good time to visit any of the Canary Islands, since the weather will dry and warm, so you can make the most of the time spent there. June is a good time to go hiking in the Canary Islands since it's not yet as hot as in July and August, but it's almost rain-free, so there's no need to worry about precipitation or storms.

FAQ about visiting the Canary Islands in June

Are the Canaries hot in June?

During the day, you can expect temperatures around 26°C  (78.8°F) in June in the Canary Islands, but keep in mind that the UV index is high, so it will feel much hotter than this.

Is June a good month to visit the Canaries?

Yes, June is a great time to visit the Canary Islands, since it is warm (but not uncomfortably hot), it not as crowded as during the other summer months and it's a great month for both sunbathing and hiking.

Which is the warmest Canary Island in June?

Lanzarote is the warmest Canary Island in June and Fuerteventura is very close, with similar temperatures. But the temperatures, in general, this month, are pleasant throughout the archipelago.

Can you swim in the Canary Islands in June?

Yes, you can swim in the Canaries in June, with the sea temperature reaching around 20 - 21°C at this time of the year.

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