The current volcanic eruption is now the longest in La Palma's history

Published on December 11, 2021
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Image source: Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias

The current volcanic eruption on La Palma started on September 19th and at that moment probably no one thought that it will last this long, surpassing the previous longest eruption known to happen on the island.

Today, December 11th, the Cumbre Vieja volcano has been erupting for 84 days, equal to the amount of time of the eruption that happened in 1585, of the Tehuya volcano, which lasted between 19 May and 10 August 1585.

Although the eruption is still ongoing on La Palma, there are some signs that it might lose strength, so people are now hoping that it will end before the end of 2021, although this prediction has not been confirmed by experts in the field. 

The decrease in seismicity, with only 9 earthquakes in the last 24 hours, and the slight increase in the area affected by the lava -which runs on previous flows- have been the main novelties announced by PEVOLCA.

The area affected measures approximately 1,184 hectares, while the lava deltas measure about 48 hectares. There are 72.75 kilometers of road destroyed or affected by the lava, according to the latest record. In addition to the affected portions of the LP-2, LP-211, LP-212, LP-213, and LP-2132, it is estimated that more than 10 kilometers correspond to streets, slightly more than 2 kilometers to crossings and more than 49 kilometers to other roads.

Regarding air quality, there have been high concentrations of gases, especially SO2 and CO2, in restricted access areas (exclusion or evacuated) in the south of the island. 

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