El Hierro Carnival 2021 - The Carnival in La Frontera

Published on January 03, 2020
El HierroEvents in El Hierro
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Every island or the Canaries has its own carnival season and in El Hierro the main event happens in La Frontera, in the area Tigaday, the most commercial part of town.

In 2020 the theme was "The Egyptian world", which has been selected via vote organized by the City Council. The main focus for this edition of the carnival were Los Carneros de Tigaday, which were seen on the streets on February 23 and 25.

A bit about the history and the traditions of Los Carneros

The tradition for the Carnival in El Hierro is that the local young people get dressed up in costumes made of rams skins and they have to go on the streets to scare people or make them laugh. Los Carneros, as they are called, also go after the people on the streets and paint their faces bitumen. The origins of this tradition are closely linked with the history of pastoral life in El Hierro. The island used to have many shepherds and for many years this used to be a very important occupation for locals. They still honor their history by keeping alive this tradition during the carnival days.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there are no large events currently scheduled to happen in El Hierro.

Even the big carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is canceled in 2021, with everyone hoping that things will return to normal by 2022 so that the next edition of the carnival will be celebrated as usual in El Hierro once again.

La Frontera Carnival 2021: to be announced

The date for the next edition of the carnival in La Frontera (El Hierro) has not been announced yet by the authorities, as there are many uncertainties regarding big events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Frontera Carnival in El Hierro: to be announced
  • The theme for the Carnaval next year: to be announced

Schedule for the events in La Frontera

These are the usual events that usually happen during the carnival in La Frontera - El Hierro.

  • Coso de Carnaval - starting from Las Ramblas
  • Music and dancing - in Calle Tigaday
  • Salida de Los Carneros - Calle Tigaday
  • Day Time Carnival at Tigaday Square: in the morning activities for children and music and concerts in the evening
  • Salida de Los Carneros - Tigaday Streets
  • Quema del "Machango" - from Merese Square 
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