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Published on July 14, 2020
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things to do el sauzal tenerife
One of the many picturesque views from El Sauzal (in the Canary Islands archipelago on the island of Tenerife)

El Sauzal is located in the north of Tenerife, in the region known as Acentejo. It is delimitated from the neighboring municipalities by natural elements such as the Cabrera ravine, to the west, which separates it from La Matanza, and the Martiño ravine, to the east, which marks the limit with Tacoronte.

Info about El Sauzal

  • Country: Spain
  • Autonomous Community: Canary Islands
  • Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Island: Tenerife
  • Region: Tacoronte - Acentejo
  • Location: 28 ° 28′N 16 ° 26′O
  • Altitude of the administrative center: 300 m above sea level
  • Area: 18.31 km²
  • Population: 9,060 inhabitants in 2018
  • Density: 495.08 inhab./km²
  • Inhabitants are known as: Sauzalero, ra

El Sauzal is a small town located in Tenerife North and it's by no means a tourist hub spot, like the big resorts in the south.

Why visit El Sauzal while in Tenerife?

If it's your first time visiting Tenerife, you probably won't get to visit this part of the island, since there are many more famous places to visit before this one.

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But if you've visited the most important places already and you're looking for new areas to explore, El Sauzal might be the perfect hidden gem in Tenerife, for a quiet and relaxing half-day.

What to do in El Sauzal, Tenerife

el sauzal tenerife
El Sauzal is a typical town in Tenerife, with many green spaces and incredible views

We recommend a stroll through the town center to see the typical architecture of Tenerife, with its beautiful wooden balconies.

You'll soon see that El Sauzal has a very authentic atmosphere, completely different from the big resorts. If you want to sample some local dishes you can choose one of the restaurants in the town center, where you can try the Menu del Dia along with the locals.

Places to see El Sauzal

These are the places of interest for anyone visiting El Sauzal for the first time. There are various car parks around town and we did not have any problem in finding a spot, although we moved the car 2 times in order to get to all the interesting points.

In the town of El Sauzal, the visitor can enjoy picturesque routes such as the access to the town and the paths of Los Angeles, San Cristóbal and the Camino Real to La Orotava, from where you can observe the beautiful landscape of the municipality and the views from the coast situated in the north of Tenerife, which also offers various vantage points to see the majestic Mount Teide in the distance.

Church of St. Peter the Apostle​

el sauzal tenerife canary islands
The church in El Sauzal

This parish is located in the center of El Sauzal, close to the Local Council. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, almost like a small park, from where you get a beautiful view of the coast.

Los Lavadores Park

parque los lavadores el sauzal tenerife
The incredible view from Parque Los Lavadores in El Sauzel, on Tenerife's northern coast
  • Entrance A: calle Los Lavaderos, s / n (corner with calle Sierva de Dios), 38360 El Sauzal
  • Entrance B: Los Angeles highway, s / n (in front of Sierva de Dios passage), 38360 El Sauzal.
  • Hours: winter from 08:00 to 19:00. Summer from 08:00 to 22:00.

This park offers beautiful views of the coast, but you have to be prepared to go down a flight of stairs and then climb them back up. The views are worth it, but we would not recommend that you go there during the afternoon of a hot summer day.

Currently, this park is one of the most visited recreational areas in El Sauzal by both the residents of the Municipality and also by tourists.

Teide tenerife 600 250

La Garanona Lookout Point

mirador la garanona tenerife
La Garanona viewpoint in Tenerife (El Sauzal)

Mirador de La Garanona is an amazing lookout point in El Sauzal, with spectacular views of the coast of Acentejo. As you can already tell, the town of El Sauzal is located in a very scenic part of Tenerife, with many views of the coast and of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mirador de Las Breñas

  • Address: Castaño street, s / n, La Primavera urbanization, El Sauzal.
  • Hours: open 24 hours.

Opened on January 20, 2012.

The Mirador de Las Breñas is located on the northern part of the La Primavera urbanization and it boasts one of the best views of the ocean, as well as a spectacular panoramic view of the north of Tenerife.

The trail known as Sendero de Las Breñas starts right from the viewpoint Las Brenas. This trail takes nature lovers on a descent path to the Coast of El Sauzal, which is a Protected Natural Space.

In September 2014, a sculpture in tribute to the fishermen participating in the rescue of the survivors of the 1966 plane crash on the Sauzal coast was installed on the surface of the viewpoint.

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