The end of local restrictions in the Canary Islands - what does this mean exactly?

Published on March 24, 2022
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Since the announcement regarding the fact that local restrictions will be scrapped in the Canary Islands, there has been a lot of confusion in regards to which measures are to be scrapped and which measures will stay in place.

Today it was confirmed officially that the local restrictions in the Canary Islands will be scrapped and this decision will go into effect from Saturday, March 26th.

What does this mean exactly? 

At the moment, there are two sets of measures and restrictions in place: national measures, established by the Central Government in Madrid, which are valid for the entire Spanish territory, including the Canary Islands archipelago, and there are also local measures, established by the local Canary Islands Government, which are valid only in the Canary Islands Autonomous Community.

The restrictions eliminated from Saturday on are the ones set by the local Canarian Government, not the Spanish one.

So these are the national measures, that will remain in place, until they are scrapped at a national level:

  • masks wearing indoors remains mandatory
  • completing the passenger locator form at remains mandatory
  • the entry requirements to Spain remain the same (in regards to vaccination, tests, recovery forms), as those are also established by the central Government, not the local Government, so please check the official Foreign Travel Advice page from your own country's Government, which should advise with correct information in regards to travel to Spain and what you need. The Canary Islands are part of Spain and the entry rules are the same. 

These are the local rules eliminated from Saturday, March 26:

  • General capacity: it becomes 100%, both in outdoor and indoor spaces
  • 100% capacity for cultural activity both in open and closed spaces
  • Dancing, parties, festivals and popular festivities will be permitted once again in the Canary Islands after the end of the restrictions.
  • No more limit on the number of people in a group together
  • No more closing hours set for establishments, so bars and restaurants can stay open as long as they want

These measures are only suspended temporarily from Saturday, March 26 until April 30 and the suspension is subject to change on any of the islands in the archipelago in case the data indicate an uncontrolled circulation of SARS-CoV-2 or a change in the epidemiological situation.

Changes in alert levels

Starting next Monday, 5 alert levels are established (alert levels 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4), based on the indicators of healthcare services. The alert level will be defined by the indicator of that block that has the highest level of risk.

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