The fire in the North of Tenerife is now under control

Published on July 29, 2022
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The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, just announced today that the forest fire is now considered under control. The roads and access to the forest areas of the island have been reopened since yesterday, with the exception of the areas close to the fire.

There are still people working in the area to continue cooling and monitoring operations since the fire is not completely extinguished.

"The situation during the night has been very favorable, with little wind, which helps us a lot, along with the drop in temperatures and, of course, the work of the teams, which continues to allow us to say that the situation is stabilized, although we still can't say it's under control," he said.

Martín explained that from 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 28, the accesses to the mountain on the island have been opened, allowing activities to be resumed in the forest areas, with the exception of the fire zone and its surroundings, where there are still restriction measures in place. Likewise, he recalled that the island roads TF-21 and TF-344 have been opened to traffic.

For her part, the Island Councilor for Management of the Natural Environment and Security, Isabel García, indicated that "we have already been able to better quantify the amount of surface affected, which adds up to 2,753 hectares and a total perimeter of 34 kilometers. As for Teide National Park, 226 hectares have been affected, of which 213 have been pine forest".

The recreational areas and camping areas of El Lagar, Fuente Pedro, Chanajiga and La Tahona are temporarily closed, as well as the Emilio Fernández Muñoz camp and La Aula de la Naturaleza and the Barranco de la Arena camp.

These prohibitions will remain in place until further assessment by the Technical Services.

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