FUERTEBIKE 2018 - Mountain Bike Corralejo

FUERTEBIKE 2018 is one of the most important biking events in the Canary Islands, not just Fuerteventura, which this year will reach its Vth edition.

There are 450 participants signed up by now from a total of 700 open spots.

If you want to register to participate you should visit the official website www.fuertebike.net

  • Long route - 82 km / 45 Euro fee
  • Short route - 52 km / 35 Euro fee

This year there will also be a route for kids and for this one the participation is free of charge.

The participants can register to participate up until the 31st of August.

FUERTEBIKE 2018 will take place on September 1st 2018. Starting & return point: Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

  • Time: 09:30
  • Starting point: Corralejo Stadium - Vicento Carreno

The info below is from the 2017 edition

Among the participants there are names such as Rocío Gamonal, six times champion of Spain and Gold Medal winner in the World Championship of Mountain Biking; also Brandan Márquez, twice champion of Spain and fourth in the European Championship. Also present will be Rubén Calvo, champion of the I Fuertebike; Javier Ramos, runner-up of the second edition; Abel Sánchez, champion of the last edition.

This year's registrations for the competition have surpassed already the last year's edition, which means that the event is gaining popularity and is now considered an important biking competition in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands in general.

The race is organized by Columbus Runner Fuer, Ayuntamiento de La Oliva and C. B. Caima. The event consists of two types of test with different distances. There is a long distance route, comprising a total of 80 kilometers, which starts at the Vicente Carreno football field (Corralejo), continuing through Lajares, Tindaya and ending at the starting point. There will also be a short stagewhich has 50 kilometers and carries out the same route, but goes to El Roque instead of Tindays.

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