Garachico Carnival 2025 - Dates & Schedule

Published on April 19, 2024
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Garachico carnival
The charming square in Garachico - a place that you must visit while in Tenerife

As one of the most charming towns in Tenerife, Garachico celebrates its own carnival, usually in February or March.

This particular carnival distinguishes itself from other carnivals through its own version of the popular event "Burial of the sardine", which is celebrated here as Sansusino or San Susino. In Garachico the sardine is replaced by a scary doll and its name is reminiscent of the name of a fish found in the Azores archipelago, known popularly as a 'susino'.

There are events organized in various towns of the municipality on different days: Garachico, La Caleta and Las Cruces.

Garachico Carnival (Carnaval de Garachico) 2025 Dates: To be announced

  • Murgas Contest
  • Parade and Baile Pinata
  • Sansusino -

The dates for the 2025 carnival in Garachico have not been announced yet.

This page will be updated as soon as the dates and the schedule are announced.

Although it can't compare in size with the carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the celebration in Garachico has a certain charm and pleasant atmosphere since it's mostly popular among locals and not so much among tourists, who usually stop in Garachico just for the day, during their excursions around the island. 

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