Guide to Garachico: Things to do in Tenerife's most charming town

Garachico was once Tenerife's most prosperous port and it had commercial connection with Europe, as well as Africa and the Americas. Unfortunately, the town has suffered a series for unfortunate events, including one of the most severe eruptions in Tenerife's history, which has altered the course of history for Garachico.

View of Garachico from above


A bit about the history of Garachico

The town was founded in the 15th century by a banker by the name Cristobal de Ponte.

It soon became the commercial port of Tenerife, with various maritime connection with Europe and the new world.

After the first half of the 16th century the town of Garachico was struck with misfortune and bad luck, as it was hit by various diseases, like the plague and also massive fires, that had destroyed big areas in the city and around it.

It wasn't until the 5th May 1706 that Garachico was hit by its worst misfortune: the massive eruption of the Montana Negro volcano destroyed the town in totality and its inhabitants, the one which survived, had to fled to other areas of the island.

Since then the town was slowly rebuilt and now it's flourishing once again, with tourism being an important part of the local economy. The development of the Sports and Fishing Port is also another source of economic activity. The sports dock is around 20,000 square meters and the fishing around 9,500 square meters, with a wide esplanade attached.

Day trip to Garachico - one of the best Tenerife drives

Garachico is one of the most popular day trips for people who want to explore Tenerife and wish to discover authentic places, with typical Canarian architecture and food.

Garachico seems to check all the boxes, with a beautiful natural scenery, natural pools for a fantastic swim, a charming square to chill and relax, plus small restaurants that serve fresh fish and seafood.

If you have a car hire and are on the lookout for a day trip, Garachico will provide a beautiful and scenic drive, especially if you're coming from the south of the island.

convento-san-francisco-tenerife-garachico.jpg (90 KB)
San Francisco Convent


Things to do in Garachico

Don't miss this places if you're ever in the area:

  • Plaza de la Libertad
  • Plaza Juan Gonzales de la Torre
  • San Francisco Convent - an iconic building in Garachico
  • Church of our Lady of the Angels - a religious ensemble, along with San Francisco Convent, that dates back to the days of the founding father of Garachico
  • Fortress of San Miguel - an old building dating back to 1575
  • Museum of Sacred Art (open during weekends)

What to see around Garachico: Natural attractions

  • Roque de Garachico
  • The natural pools El Caleton - this place is extremely popular during the summer months, when tourists and locals come to swim in the natural pools. These pools were formed after the 1706 eruption and what once was a symbol of destruction, is now a place to be enjoyed and a reminder of the force of nature.
  • El Muelle beach - a sheltered beach in the old bay of Garachico
Viewpoints over Garachico

There are 2 places where you can get spectacular views of the town of Garachico.

  • Mirador Garachico - on the TF820 road, located at 460 m altitude on the road from Icod de Los Vinos towards the south of Tenerife.
  • Mirador El Guincho - on Camino de las Cabezadas. From this point you can see the town and also Roque de Garachico, plus the new marina.
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