Gran Canaria Weather in June - What's it like for a holiday

Published on May 08, 2023
Gran CanariaWeather in Gran Canaria
Weather gran canaria june
Playa Amadores on a sunny and beautiful summer day in June

June comes with a significant increase in temperatures in Gran Canaria, which are also accompanied by the trade winds which are characteristic for the summer months in the Canaries.

For some people, the weather in June in Gran Canaria might be just perfect for a summer holiday. It's getting hot, the water is warm and pleasant for swimming and the breeze is nice during those hot afternoons. But for some other people, the summer months might be just too warm to feel comfortable while in the sun (we are among those people, which is why we usually prefer to come either in autumn or winter).

Weather in Gran Canaria in June

THE NUMBERS MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE (temperatures, sunshine hours, sea water temperature etc.) ARE FROM GRAN CANARIA AIRPORT WEATHER STATION

The temperatures during the day in June are between 23°C and 29°C, with a high UV index, which is why it is important to use high SPF sun lotion and reapply it frequently.

As we previously said, the temperature often reaches around 28 - 29°C, which may be too hot for some people. But the trade winds play an important role in the climate of Gran Canaria and the weather in the Canary Islands in general. Because of the trade winds, the summer temperatures will not feel as hot as you might think, because the winds are more prevalent between June, July, and August. This is also the reason why winters are never cold in the Canaries, because the trade winds aren't as strong as during the summer.

Another great thing about the weather in June in Gran Canaria is that it hardly ever rains and this is also true for July and August as well.

One of the downsides of visiting Gran Canaria in June is that the prices tend to go up, once the school holiday begins. In fact, although the Canary Islands are a year-round destination, they are still very popular during summer, and flights and holiday packages are more expensive than ever (similar only to Christmas and New Year's Eve).

Temperatures in Gran Canaria in June

The average high temperature in June in Gran Canaria is around 25.3°C, but there will be many days with temperatures much higher than this, especially in the south of the island.

  • Average high temperature: 25.3°C  (77.5°F)
  • Average low temperature: 19.2°C  (66.6°F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 22.2°C  (72°F)

In Gran Canaria, the daily mean temperature is 22.2°C  (72°F) in June, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 25.3°C  (77.5°F) and the average low of 19.2°C  (66.6°F). 

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Gran Canaria in June (at the Airport station) was 36.9°C (98.42°F) and the lowest was 12°C(53.6°F°).

At this time of year, the weather is usually warm almost every day and you can sunbathe and swim comfortably. Even at night, the weather stays warm and you will probably not need a cardigan or a long sleeve during summer, even if you stay out late.


  • Average rainfall (mm): 0.86 mm
  • Average rainy days (>=1mm): 0.2

As we said, there's almost no rain in June in Gran Canaria. The days are mostly sunny and the weather is great for any type of activities, from walking and exploring on foot to sunbathing and chilling on the beach or by the pool.

Sunshine hours

  • Sunshine hours per month in June: 305
  • Sunshine hours per day: 10
  • Percent of possible sunshine: 73%
  • Daylight hours: 420
  • Average UV Index in June: 11

With almost 10 hours of sun per day, June has long days and sunny skies, which means that you will 100% go back home with a tan.

Sea temperature

  • Average sea temperature in June in Gran Canaria: 21.1°C (69.98°F)

Can you swim in Gran Canaria in June?

Yes, June is one of the months when you can comfortably swim in the ocean when visiting Gran Canaria. Since the weather now is warm pretty much all over the island, you can go and explore a different beach every day and the water should be warm enough to swim everywhere.

See more info: Weather in Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles in June

Things to do in Gran Canaria in June

June and the summer months, in general, are perfect for family holidays to Gran Canaria, coming over with the kids and enjoying the lovely and warm sunshine. You should also try to remember that the island gets pretty busy in June, so make sure to book in advance for hotels and activities as well, especially if you are st on certain dates.

Las Salinas Natural Pools

This is a special place, in an amazing natural landscape and in summer you can enjoy swimming in these natural pools located close to Agaete. If you want to escape the crowds in the south, you can hire a car and drive to this part of the island, where you will discover a different atmosphere and you can also find other secret places on the way here.

Doramas Rural Park

This is a protected natural space situated between the municipalities of Arucas, Firgas, Moya, Santa María de Guía, Teror, and Valleseco. You can see here lots of species of plants and you can do walks and hikes in nature. Our advice would be to start your hikes as early in the morning as possible, as to avoid the midday heat.

Is June a good time to visit Gran Canaria?

June is generally a good month to visit Gran Canaria, as the weather is usually warm and sunny with very low chances of rainfall. The island's tourist season begins to pick up during this time, after a few quieter months. 


June is also a perfect month for sunbathing in Gran Canaria, as the water temperature is starting to warm up so it would be perfect for swimming for most people (as opposed to the winter months when not everyone considers the ocean to be warm enough for swimming).


FAQ about visiting Gran Canaria in June

Is Gran Canaria hot in June?

Yes, Gran Canaria starts to get pretty hot in June, with a daily mean temperature is 22.2°C (72°F) in June, although during the day the average high temperature is around 25.3°C (77.5°F), while the south of the island will be hotter than this.

Is Gran Canaria windy in June?

June is not a very windy month in Gran Canaria. The south part of the island is more protected, so wind should not be a problem.

Does it rain in Gran Canaria in June?

There are really slim chances of rain in June in Gran Canaria, especially if you're staying in the resorts on the southern coast.

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