January 2022 was a warmer month than usual for the Canary Islands archipelago

Published on February 13, 2022
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january 2022 warmer than normal canary islands spain

AEMET has just published the monthly climatic report for the month of January, and according to the data, January 2022 was the 10th warmest in the last 100 years for all of Spain and the one with the highest daytime temperatures since 1961.

The month of January was generally warm in the Canary Islands, with an average temperature of 15.4ºC and an increase of 0.8ºC compared to the average temperature for January in the archipelago, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

According to the report, January 2022 has been the ninth warmest month of January since 1961 and until the present.

In terms of precipitation, while the rest of continental Spain and the Balearic islands have had a very dry month, the Canary Islands got a normal amount of precipitation when looking at the total amount, although it was not distributed equally throughout the archipelago. The interior parts of Tenerife, La Gomera and Gran Canaria were the ones that got the most amount of precipitation in January 2022, with some areas being classed as very humid even for this time of the year, exceeding the normal values.

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