La Gomera Weather in December - What Temperatures To Expect

Published on November 04, 2019
La GomeraWeather in La Gomera
la gomera weather december
La Gomera is a relaxed and chilled place to visit in December, with mild weather, typical to the Canary Islands

La Gomera is one of the smaller Canary Islands, situated very close to the much larger island of Tenerife, from where you can grab a ferry and cross over for a much different experience. 

La Gomera is a quiet and relaxing destination compared to Tenerife, so if you're looking to spend the winter holidays in a chilled place, which also enjoys good weather, La Gomera might be the best island to visit in December in Europe.

Weather in La Gomera in December

During the winter months, the areas of the island situated at high altitudes receive more rain compared to the coastal regions, which is similar to all the Canary Islands.

December is actually the wettest month in La Gomera, with an average of 7 rainy days, followed closely only by January. Even so, it tends to rain more in the mountain parts of the island, so you can book your accommodation somewhere on the coast if you want to maximize your chances for good weather in December. Since La Gomera is such a small island, you can easily travel each day to new places, especially if you rent a car and set out to explore on your own.

Best time to visit the Canary Islands

Average temperatures in San Sebastian de La Gomera in December

The average high temperature in December in La Gomera is around 20°C, while at night you can expect temperatures of around 14°C. While it's definitely a drop in temperatures compared to November, the weather during the daytime still allows for wearing only T-shirts when the sun is out.

  • Average high temperature: 20 °C  (68 °F)
  • Average low temperature: 14 °C  (57.2 °F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 17 °C  (62.6°F)

In San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island's capital, the daily mean temperature is 17°C in December, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 20°C and the average low of 14°C. 


  • Average rainy days (>=1mm): 7

December is usually the month with the largest amount of rain, which is similar to all the Canary Islands. 

Even so, the number of wet days rarely goes above 7 per month, which means that you still have good chances to have a great holiday in La Gomera in December.

Sunshine hours

La Gomera gets an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day in December, so the days are shorter but you'll still have time to enjoy in the sun.

Sea temperature in December in La Gomera

  • Average sea temperature in December in San Sebastian de La Gomera: 21°C / 69.8°F

Can you swim in La Gomera in December?

While for some people it may be warm enough to swim, for most visitors the water temperature might prove to be too low in order to fully enjoy swimming in the ocean at this time of the year. 

What's La Gomera like in December

The data below is from the weather station in San Sebastian de La Gomera.

December Weather San Sebastian de La Gomera
Average high temperature 20°C (68°F)
Daily mean temperature 17°C (62.6°F)
Average low temperature 14°C (57.2°F)
Mean monthly sunshine hours 186
Percent possible sunshine 60%
Mean monthly daylight hours 310
Average Ultraviolet index 4
Average sea temperature 21°C (69.8°F)

Things to do in December

Hiking is the most popular reason why people come to La Gomera, so that's what we recommend for the month of December, as well as for any other time of the year.

Just be careful to check the weather forecast before you head out on a trail since it can be dangerous to get caught in the rain while you're out exploring the mountains. 

In December it's a must to bring with you waterproof shoes and a waterproof & wind-resistant jacket since the weather can be unpredictable and you must be ready for rain at any given moment.

Coastal walks are also a good option for things to do in La Gomera in December since the weather on the coast tend to be milder and the coast also receives less rain than the national park and the nature reserves situated inland. 

Events in December

Christmas and New Year's Eve in La Gomera

Many restaurants will organize festive dinners on Christmas day, while on New Year's Eve you can celebrate outside in the town square with the locals, enjoying the fact that the weather is still pleasant enough to be out at midnight. 

The largest celebrations for New Year's will definitely be in San Sebastian de La Gomera, so that's where we would recommend you to go if you want to party like the locals.

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