La Palma update: lava advances very slowly, so it's not certain anymore that it will reach the sea

Published on September 23, 2021
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According to the authorities, the lava flows in La Palma are now advancing really slowly, at a pace of about 12 meters per hour, continuing on its way to the sea, although some experts now doubt that it will ever reach it. 

The characteristics of the lava make it impossible for the emergency responders to create a barricade, parapet, or ditch that could definitively change the course of the lava flow because this would imply a huge safety risk for the people involved.

The area affected by the eruption on La Palma now covers over 150 hectares

The technical director of PEVOLCA, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, stated that the volcano is still active, releasing lava, and the two flows continue to advance, but very slowly, due to the increase in viscosity and because on its way it is filling in the natural holes of the terrain. Mathematical models indicate that it will continue to advance, but it cannot be guaranteed that it will reach the sea.

The lava reached the neighborhood of Todoque 

Yesterday the lava reached the neighborhood of Todoque, where, unfortunately, it destroyed a lot of homes and properties.

Although it is fortunate that there have been no casualties and everyone has been evacuated to safety, the eruption has caused significant material damages to the island of La Palma and there are people who have lost all their life's work, as well as their homes and memories. 

La Palma airport remains open

The airport in La Palma remains open so the island has not lost its air connectivity, although the authorities are asking people arriving on the island to respect the currently restricted areas, as not to make the job of first responders even more difficult.


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