Lanzarote Weather in June - Summer is Here!

Published on May 09, 2023
LanzaroteWeather in Lanzarote
Lanzarote weather june
Playa Las Cucharas (Costa Teguise) in June

Once June hits, the weather starts to feel like proper summer in Lanzarote: temperatures go up, the number of sunshine hours goes up, as well as the number of visitors. The only thing that usually goes down (and which is a good thing) is the number of rainy days. AWAY with the rain and IN with the sun!

Weather in Lanzarote in June

The average temperature in June is 23°C, but during the daytime, it can get pretty hot. So pack a high factor UV protection cream or buy one on the island. Just don't skip this step when being exposed to the sunlight. You really don't want to get a sunburn while on holiday in Lanzarote.

Sunrise in June is at around 6:50 am and sunsets are at about 8:50 pm, so you're got more than 12 hours of daylight to enjoy all of Lanzarote's attractions. 

If you're planning to have just a relaxing holiday, with chilling by the pool or on the beach, then you might want to wait for the second half of the month, when temperatures tend to go even further up.

With June here the trade winds will start making their presence felt, but on most days the wind speed will be lower than 20 km/h. On some days it can even go over 40km/h, but this shouldn't put you off from booking a June holiday to Lanzarote. The weather is nowadays difficult to predict, and you can have surprises at any time of the year.

Temperatures in Lanzarote in June

The average high temperature in June in Lanzarote is around 26°C, while at night you can expect temperatures of around 17-18°C.

  • Average high temperature: 26.3°C  (79.3°F)
  • Average low temperature: 18.8°C  (65.8°F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 22.6°C  (72.7°F)

In Lanzarote, the daily mean temperature is 22.6°C  (72.7°F) in June, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 26.3°C  (79.3°F) and the average low of 18.8°C  (65.8°F). 

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Lanzarote in June (at Airport station) was 40.7°C and the lowest was 12.4°C.

Since the island is mostly flat, the temperatures stay pretty much the same across all major resorts in Lanzarote: Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise.

With so many daylight hours and temperatures usually above 25°C during the daytime, the month of June is perfect for sunbathing on the beach without feeling the need to hide from the sun after 10 minutes (like it happens to us during the summer months July & August).

We love summer in the Canaries and warm weather in general, and I know that for some folks there's no such thing as "too hot" or "too high temperatures", but for myself anything over 30°C is hard to tolerate. Especially here in the Canary Islands, where the sun feels more powerful due to the location close to the Equator.

So June, with temperatures above 25°C but usually below 30°C, is like heaven for me and my partner.


Rain? In June in Lanzarote?

That's something very unusual and unlikely to happen during this month. So back your bikinis and sandals and leave the raincoat at home.

Sunshine hours

Lanzarote gets an average of 10 hours of sunshine per in June.

June, July and August are the months with the most sunshine hours on the island, so you'll have long days ahead of you to make the most of you Lanzarote trip.

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Sea temperature

  • The average sea temperature in June in Puerto del Carmen: 20.7°C / 69.3°F

Can you swim in Lanzarote in June?

With an average of 20.7°C / 69.3°F, the sea is starting to warm up.

It might actually be warmer to swim in the sea in June than in most hotel pools (because probably none of the hotels or apartment complexes on the island will have the pools heated in June).

Things to do in Lanzarote in June

Hop on a cruise to the amazing island La Graciosa

la graciosa canary islands
The amazing beaches and coastline of La Graciosa

La Graciosa is known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters and June is a perfect month to hop on a boat from Lanzarote and go cruise the coast to swim and relax in the sun. The water temperature should be perfect for swimming so you can enjoy a perfect day exploring around the smallest inhabited island in the Canary Islands archipelago!

  • Sail along the coast of La Graciosa on a luxury catamaran cruise
  • Includes lunch, welcome mojito, unlimited beer, sangría, soft drinks, and water + use of kayaks
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before activity starts

El Golfo

el golfo lanzarote green lake
Don't miss the sunset at El Golfo - either in June or any other month when you may visit Lanzarote

The Green Lake in Lanzarote, the way many visitors describe El Golfo, is one of the must-see places in Lanzarote.

Sunsets here are great and June is one of those months when Lanzarote's sky is full of wonderful surprises. Go for a drive late afternoon to the village, enjoy a late lunch and then go to El Golfo after the tourist buses have left. Enjoy one of the best sunsets on the island and take a look around this place at a moment when you'll most likely have it to yourself.


Events in June

Noche de San Juan - Bonfire Night

23 June 2023

The Festival of San Juan is celebrated each year on the night of June 23rd. Usually, people gather on the beach and light bonfires, and afterward, they enter the sea to wash their feet and their faces, sometimes jumping over the fire. It is a unique celebration and if you are in Lanzarote on June 23rd you should take a look at what is happening in the area where you are staying.


FAQ about visiting Lanzarote in June

Is Lanzarote windy in June?

The summer months are the windiest, due to the trade winds, so in June you can expect some wind and sometimes even a calima. But don't be afraid of the wind, since you will appreciate the breeze once you're on the beach and you'll need something to cool you off.

Is Lanzarote hot in June?

Lanzarote is usually warm in June and sometimes even hot. During the daytime you can expect temperatures around 26°C (78.8 F).

Is June a good time to go to Lanzarote?

Yes, June is a good month to visit Lanzarote, as it's not as hot as during July or August, but you'll be able to enjoy many hours of sunshine and swim comfortably in the ocean as well.

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