Las Palmas de Gran Canaria welcomed 22.7% more tourists in first quarter of 2023

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Playa de Las Canteras

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria registered very good data in terms of overnight stays, with almost 428,000 hotel nights contracted. German, British and Swedish were the main foreign issuing markets in this period, while Spanish tourism exceeded 50% of all visitors to the city in March.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria received a total of 118,550 tourists in the first quarter of the year, which means that the capital of Gran Canaria accommodated 22.7% more visitors than in the same period of 2022.

Overnight stays, that is, contracted hotel nights, were 427,908, 12.4% more than the previous year. The data speaks of a very positive start to the year, also above the numbers for 2019, the pre-pandemic year, with 12.5% ​​more travelers and 13.5% more overnight stays.

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Foreign tourists represented the majority in the months of January and February, with 60.3% and 58.1% of the total number of visitors. By European markets, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden continued as the usual main issuing countries in the city's high season.

The behavior of supply and demand in March, the month that marks the end of the tourist high season, had very optimistic data and the usual change in demand in spring and summer with a slight majority of Spanish tourists, which represented 50.8% of the total. Among the latter, residents of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands were 70.8%, while Canarians from other islands represented 29.2%.

The profitability of the accommodations also grew. The RepVar (income per available room) was in these months higher than the same period of 2022: 72.86 euros in January 2023; 77.47 euros, in February; and 72'96, in March. The evolution of the average rate per room, the well-known ADR, (Average Daily Rate) was 88.82 euros, in January; 92.70 euros in February; and 89.62 euros in March, exceeding the data for 2022 in all three cases.

In the general perspective, the tourist sector of the urban destination Las Palmas de Gran Canaria shows a confirmed recovery with a renovated accommodation plant and with attractions that have the capacity to attract different profiles of visitors.


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