The lava emitted by the volcano in La Palma has slowed down again

Published on September 26, 2021
La PalmaNews from La Palma
la palma volcano lava slow down
Image from Gobierno de Canarias 

Currently, there are at least three simultaneous lava emission points in the crater of the volcano on La Palma, while the two emission points that appeared on Friday have merged into a single point.

The lava emitted by the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma has been slowing down again in the last few hours. This announcement follows yesterday's events, when the upper part of the volcanic cone has collapsed, which caused liquid lava to come out at greater speeds, moving 250 - 300 meters per hour.  

According to the director of the National Institute for Geography (IGN) in the Canary Islands, María José Blanco, the crater now has at least three simultaneous emission points and the two points that appeared on Friday at the base of the cone, have merged and now form a single point of emission.

According to the Scientific Committee, the eruption continues to show a strombolian mechanism, currently concentrating its activity in the volcanic cone. The eruptive process over time has been characterized by episodes of increased explosive activity, which reached the highest levels recorded so far yesterday afternoon.


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