Los Hervideros, Lanzarote - See the volcanic cliffs and caves

los hervideros lanzarote canary islands
Los Hervideros - the wild side of Lanzarote with volcanic cliffs and caves

Los Hervideros is one of Lanzarote's most visited natural attractions, located on the west coast of the municipality of Yaiza. We really loved our visit to Los Hervideros because you can see the true force of nature: strong waves crashing into the volcanic coastline, creating an impressive splash of water that attracts visitors and photographers to this site.

The place known as Los Hervideros consists of a steep coastline, with caves sculpted into the volcanic rocks, which were formed as a result of the volcanic eruptions of 1730-1736. 

Where is Los Hervideros & how to get there

Los Hervideros area is situated on the west coast of Lanzarote, close to two other popular attractions in Lanzarote: Salinas de Janubio and El Golfo.

The drive to Los Hervideros is simple and straightforward; the place is easily accessible just off the main road. Driving in Lanzarote is easy and it's a good place to try driving abroad if you've never had the courage to do so.

Visit Los Hervideros in Lanzarote

The name Los Hervideros literally translates to Boiling Pots and the place is a true show of mother nature's power.

You can walk around and admire the place from different points of view. The best in my opinion is the small balcony made of lava rocks, where you can see the waves up close.

There are lots of tours that will take you to see Los Hervideros, usually combined with a visit to El Golfo (which is situated in the immediate vicinity). But if you have the possibility to rent a car and make the trip on your own, we definitely recommend you do that, as you'll have the liberty and time to explore as much as you like this part of Lanzarote's coastline. 

Day tours and excursions

Los Hervideros cliffs

The landscape consists of several caves that are sculpted in lava, similar to an intricate labyrinth where the ocean waves come crashing into the walls of the caves, flooding them and creating a magnificent, yet scary landscape.

You will have a great view of the cliffs from the point just off the car park, but there is a small trail that will take you to a sort of "balcony" from where you get a better glimpse of the water inside the caves.

Take a walk through the lava field in Lanzarote

Continue your walk on the path after admiring the caves from above and immediately you will see yourself surrounded by the lava field and rocks that show the volcanic nature of Lanzarote.

The very cliffs you'll be walking on are made of lava, so it's quite an impressive spot, which makes for an interesting backdrop in photoshoots. Where else can you take such nice photos surrounded by lava cliffs?

When to visit Los Hervideros

The best time to go to Los Hervideros is during the high tide hours or on days when there are big waves, which make the place look even more frightening and spectacular at the same time.

Since the charm of this place depends on the power of the ocean, try to come at a time of day when the tide is high. You can search for the tide levels online and schedule your visit accordingly.

Why visit Los Hervideros?

lanzarote los hervideros
Welcome to Los Hervideros in Lanzarote, a unique place to see

Is Los Hervideros worth visiting?

Los Hervideros provides one of the most impressive landscapes in Lanzarote, unique in its capacity to fascinate and amaze the viewer every time, not only during a first visit. We've visited the place on several occasions and it still continues to impress us each time we go there.

If you're looking for something extreme, then come and see this place during a windy storm. The water is angrier than ever and it is splashing several meters into the air.

You will find several stairs and pathways camouflaged into the landscape, so you can admire the place from different angles.

I truly enjoy coming to Los Hervideros. For me, it represents the pure power of nature and it's a unique place in Lanzarote.

Safety tips for visiting Los Hervideros

Be careful while walking on the rocks or leaning on the balconies and don't get too close to the cliff's edge, as the ocean here will not forgive any mistakes. Be extra careful with children, as there are no railings or anything to stop people from getting right on the edge of the gap.

Los Hervideros is a place to be admired and feared at the same time, which shouldn't discourage you from visiting, as long as you pay attention to where you step.

Details and information

  • Easily accessible attraction
  • Free access
  • Big car park on-site. Make sure to take any valuables from the car
  • No facilities on the site
  • There are several tours that include Los Hervideros on their route
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