A meteorite is considered the likely cause for the tremor felt in Gran Canaria

Published on November 30, 2022
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This afternoon, residents from various municipalities in Gran Canaria have reported that a great noise was heard, along with a strong tremor that was felt practically in all the municipalities of the island.  

The Canary Islands Seismic Network, which operates INVOLCAN, has just announced that at 4:35 p.m. (Canary Islands time), on Wednesday, November 30th, they registered a seismic signal on the island of Gran Canaria caused by the passing of a powerful acoustic wave through the island.

The preliminary analysis of the seismograms shows a shape compatible with an N-wave, produced by the impact on the earth's surface of a shock wave caused by a natural or artificial object moving in the atmosphere at supersonic speed.

The following figure shows the seismogram recorded by the GART seismic station (Artenara).

The N-wave is a signal that produces a shock wave that impacts the earth's surface and most likely its source was a meteor.

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