Mirador del Balcón, Gran Canaria's most impressive viewpoint

Published on August 23, 2022
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el balcon viewpoint gran canaria
El Balcón viewpoint in Gran Canaria - Canary Islands archipelago, Spain

El Balcón viewpoint in Gran Canaria is located in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás, which is the island's westernmost municipality.

Incredible views of Gran Canaria's coastline from El Balcon viewpoint

gran canaria dragon tail mirador del balcon
A stunning view of Dragon Tail's cliffs from the most incredible viewpoint in Gran Canaria

From Mirador del Balcón you can admire the rugged yet incredible landscape known as the Dragon's Tails, which is a set of cliffs that zig-zags towards the ocean on the horizon. 

This viewpoint in Gran Canaria has been recently renovated and now it looks modern and it's probably one of the most Instagrammable places in Gran Canaria.

There are no facilities at the mirador, so if you want to grab something to drink and eat or you need to use a toilet we suggest stopping first in La Aldea de San Nicolas.

mirador el balcon gran canaria
Admire the ocean from El Balcón viewpoint in Gran Canaria

Mirador del Balcon is at the entrance of Tamadaba Natural Park, which you can reach if from the Mirador you continue on the GC-200 road.

Another option would be to drive back to GC-2 and continue the drive until you reach Agaete, which is another beautiful town in Gran Canaria that you should visit. 

How to get to El Balcón viewpoint

mirador del balcon gran canaria
Mirador del Balcón - Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

We had a rental car while visiting Gran Canaria, so we drove to Mirador del Balcon ourselves on a day when we also visited La Aldea de San Nicolas and on our way there we also stopped to admire Los Azulejos De Veneguera, the unique landscape where the rocks are colored in various shades of green.

The drive from La Aldea to the viewpoint El Balcon only takes around 10 to 15 minutes, although if you're coming from the south of Gran Canaria it will take you over an hour to drive here and this is without many stops along the way, so if you plan to drive to the mirador yourself, better make an entire day out of it and stop in some other places as well like the Azulejos we mentioned before, Cactualdea park and Playa de la Aldea, which is the beach in La Aldea de San Nicolas.


dragon tail gran canaria viewpoint el balcon
Dragon's Tail cliffs - Gran Canaria

There is parking at the mirador, so you can safely park the car while you enjoy the views.

Please make sure you don't leave anything of value in the car, as unfortunately many of the tourist spots are targeted by thieves.

FAQ about El Balcón viewpoint in Gran Canaria

Is Mirador del Balcón worth visiting?

Yes, visiting the mirador is worth it for the stunning views which I'm sure everyone will enjoy, but driving to the mirador is worth it only if you plan to visit other places as well since the drive is long due to the remote location.

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