New lava stream provokes more destruction on La Palma

Published on October 12, 2021
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Image from Gobierno de Canarias

Since Saturday, when the north part of the volcanic cone collapsed, the eruptive activity of the volcano has increased and the lava is now more fluid so it flows quicker and keeps destroying more areas and buildings.

On Monday, the lava reached a cement factory so the authorities had to order the confinement of several population centers of Los Llanos de Aridane and El Paso.

The area affected by the lava already exceeded 591 hectares on Monday, 65 more than the previous day, and the maximum width of the lava flow is around 1,520 meters.

According to the updated data from the cadastre and Copernicus, there are 753 buildings affected, of which 620 are for residential use, 70 for agricultural use, 29 for industrial use, 19 for leisure/hospitality and 7 for public use, among others.

As for the agricultural areas affected, it is estimated that 150 hectares were affected. Of these, half are banana tree plantations, 45 hectares are vineyards and almost 9 hectares are avocado plantations.


Seismicity also continues and in the last hours, an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 has been registered with an epicenter at a depth of 13 kilometers.

Flights to La Palma have resumed since yesterday

At the moment all the airports in the Canary Islands are open, including the one on La Palma which has resumed its activity yesterday, although many airlines are still canceling flights to the island. 

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