Two New Luxury Residential Developments in Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Published on February 12, 2021
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Image credit: Ayuntamiento Santiago del Teide Facebook Page

According to an announcement posted by the Ayuntamiento Santiago del Teide, Los Gigantes will have two new sets of luxury apartments in the nearby future. Despite the current circumstances, the company "Sieper Von Behr" fully has faith in Santiago del Teide as a tourist destination in Tenerife, hence its firm commitment to quality and tourism development in the municipality.

Los Gigantes will have two new developments of luxury apartments that will begin to be built in a few days by the Canarian company "Sieper Von Behr" dedicated to the promotion of luxury real estate.

The company's owners believe in the possibilities of tourism development in the area of Los Gigantes, hence their firm commitment to the construction of these two new developments that will be named, AQUASUITES I and AQUASUITES II.

AQUASUITES I is located on Avenida José González Forte de Los Gigantes, near the entrance to the tourist center and will offer 20 homes, ten triplexes and ten duplexes, designed with the best quality materials, each with its private pool and underground parking. The best, its exceptional and magnificent views of the majestic Los Gigantes Cliffs, the island of La Gomera and the ocean.

AQUASUITES II, meanwhile, will be built on the recently acquired plot by the company where, currently, there are the remains of some terraced apartments that have remained unfinished for more than 30 years at the entrance in Los Gigantes. Resolving the issue of these ruins has been part of Emilio Navarro's, the mayor for Santiago del Teide, plans for the municipality since 6 years ago when the first took office and he has taken the necessary steps to be able to start the demolition of said existing structure that damaged the image of the entrance to Los Gigantes.

Finally, in a few days the demolition of that structure and the subsequent construction of the aforementioned AQUASUITES II will begin. In this sense, Emilio Navarro appreciates the trust of investors and their determined commitment, during these difficult times, to Santiago del Teide as a tourist destination in Tenerife.

These two complexes together with the one being built in the vicinity called "Cristal Building" will be a boost to the coast of Santiago del Teide and the town of Los Gigantes since the execution of said complexes will bring with it important economic, commercial and labor benefits. In total, these complexes will bring on the market 100 luxury apartments, which hopefully will bring an economic boost to the area.

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