October starts with rising temperatures and calima in the Canary Islands

Published on October 02, 2022
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The month of October starts with an unusual calima episode in the Canary Islands, since this type of suspended Saharian dust is not that common during the autumn season.

One week after another uncommon meteorological event, the tropical storm Hermine, the Canaries are now faced with an episode of suspended Saharian dust, which is expected to last until Wednesday.

The islands in the eastern part of the archipelago, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura will be more affected on Sunday by the calima starting from the second half of the day.

Monday forecast - October 3

Slightly cloudy weather in the north of the mountainous islands, where intervals of high clouds are possible especially later in the day.

Calima will continue to be present in the easternmost islands and also at high altitudes in the rest of the islands of the archipelago.

Minimum temperatures with few changes or slightly rising and maximum rising slightly to moderately, which may be more pronounced in inland areas.

In inland areas in the south of the easternmost islands and in the midlands of the south of Gran Canaria, temperatures will exceed 30 ºC. Northeast wind, somewhat more intense in the second half of the day.

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