Overnight stays in Canary Islands hotels are almost at pre-pandemic levels

canary islands tourism recovery

The hotel and non-hotel accommodations in the Canary Islands closed the first four months of this year with 31.16 million overnight stays, which means it's reached almost the same numbers as in 2019, being only 4.18% below the pre-pandemic numbers.

These data from the Tourist Accommodation Survey of the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (Istac), analyzed by the Ashotel Observatory of Tourism Competitiveness and Sustainability, reinforce the path of recovery after the pandemic, although there are indicators that already exceed those of 2019, such as is that of the total income in the autonomous community as a whole, or that of the volume of tourists staying.

By islands, only Fuerteventura and Tenerife present positive data compared to the first four months of 2019 in terms of overnight stays, guests staying and total income. The best percentage behavior in overnight stays was experienced by Fuerteventura (3.58%), followed by the island of Tenerife (0.81%), while the most pronounced drops were those of La Palma (-47.09%) and La Gomera (-23.04%); finally, El Hierro (-13.14%), Gran Canaria (-12.36%) and Lanzarote (-0.68%) remained with less pronounced falls.

The Canary Islands registered a total of 4.65 million travelers staying overnight in the first four months, 2.10% more than in the first four months of 2019. Despite this global figure, this positive behavior was not experienced by the seven islands, but only by four: Fuerteventura, again with the best recovery (10.97%), followed by Tenerife (7.75%), El Hierro (3.07%) and Lanzarote (0.99%), while La Palma (- 35.14%) was once again the island with the worst data, as a result of the difficulties the island is going through after the volcanic eruption of September 2021 that keeps the tourist area of ​​Puerto Naos closed, with some 4,000 beds currently off the market. La Palma is followed by La Gomera (-28.13%) and Gran Canaria (-4.66%).

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