Portuguese man o' war spotted in Fuerteventura at Corralejo Grandes Playas

Published on February 06, 2022
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portuguese man o'war fuerteventura canary islands

The City Council of La Oliva has announced that the Portuguese man o' war, a dangerous type of siphonophores (not really a jellyfish), has been encountered at Corralejo Grandes Playas in Fuerteventura.

UPDATE: The Portuguese man o' war has also been spotted on beaches around Puerto del Rosario: in Playa Blanca and Puerto Lajas.

Due to the appearance of these jellyfish, the red flag for swimming has been put in place by lifeguards, as the authorities say they expect that more specimens will arrive in the area due to the wind and currents. 

The Portuguese man o' war is known as the most dangerous type of jellyfish in the Canary Islands, but they actually are siphonophores. Their sting can produce intense pain and it can be very dangerous especially for kids.

It is common for the Portuguese man o' war to be spotted along the Canary Islands shorelines from time to time, as they are easily carried by the strong winds.

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