Public transport and Parking during the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa cruz de tenerife capital

2020 Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: February 19th - March 1st

If you're thinking of coming to Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the carnival you have several choices. If you're on holiday in the south of Tenerife, then you can either:

  • rent a car and drive to Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • come to Santa Cruz using the TITSA bus lines or other special buses from companies that organize trips to Santa Cruz during these days

 Read all you need to know about the Tenerife Carnival 2020!

USEFUL advice for people who want to drive to Santa Cruz

If you're coming to Santa Cruz de Tenerife to see the big parade, then our advice is to COME EARLY.

The TF-1 can get very crowded and finding a parking place will be a nightmare.

We would also advise you to also book a night at a hotel in Santa Cruz and don't make the return trip that same night. If you want to enjoy the proper carnival atmosphere just spend the entire day in the capital and come back to the south the following day. Depending on where you park it will be very difficult to take the car out and in our opinion it is not worth it. Also, please don't drink and drive, it's such a shame to hear about tragedies that occur on the road after a night of partying of drinking.

Parking in Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the carnival

Parking Intercambiador Santa Cruz

The parking at the Intercambiador will remain open 24 hours a day and it offers 1,400 parking spaces. The rates include the possibility of offering special discounts for up to 10 hours of free parking if you have a bonobus card.

If you get early to Santa Cruz, we advise you to park inside this large parking and then use one of the bus lines to go in the city. 

You can also book a hotel for the night in La Laguna and come from there using the trams.

Parking La Laguna

The parking in La Laguna has around 200 parking spaces and is open from 6 am until 10 pm. On weekends and during public holidays, like the carnival, this parking is free.

Public transport in Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the carnival

Bus schedule during the carnival in Tenerife

TITSA ( the public transport company in Tenerife - Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife ) always supplements the bus lines that connect Santa Cruz with the rest of the island, including new lines that run during the night and early morning hours.

Teide tenerife 600 250

In 2018,during the main carnival days (the day of the parade and the daytime carnival) TITSA introduced night time buses for 14 bus lines that come to the capital, and they also supplemented the number of buses for other lines, with a total supplement of 65 more buses compared to a normal day.

Most of these vehicles will be monitored with video cameras to ensure the safety of travelers and to keep under control any incidents that may occur.

Trams in Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the carnival

As for the tram, Metrotenerife has programmed a service that provides uninterrupted circulation of double trams assigned to line 1 during all the days and nights of the Carnival. The trams will have a frequency between 10 and 15 minutes.

The final stop of the night services will be La Paz, although during the Daytime Carnival, the last stop will be at the Guimerá Theater. For security reasons, the Puente Zurita / Zurita Bridge stop will be inoperative during the night trips.

At the La Paz stop, as in previous years, there will be a security point, with the objective of controlling the entry and exit of tam passengers, in order to avoid crowding on platforms and vehicles. In addition, in this area there will be an office for the sale of tickets, teams for ticket control, private security and the permanent presence of a unit of the National Police.

Taxis during the Tenerife Carnival in Santa Cruz

The taxi stations are usually located on Víctor Zurita Soler Street, in the initial section of San Sebastián Street, on Galcerán Street (in the section between Miraflores and Plaza Weyler) and Valentín Sanz (between Ángel Guimerá and Miraflores).

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