Ruth González Martín is the Queen of Tenerife Carnival 2022

Published on June 11, 2022
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Image from Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife Facebook Page

Santa Cruz de Tenerife already has a new Carnival Queen: Ruth González Martín has won the title of Carnival Queen 2022 with a design by Santi Castro entitled ¡¡Mírame!!, representing the Añaza Carrefour Shopping Center. 

The rest of the court is made up of Yanira Morales Plasencia, who represents the Alcampo La Laguna Shopping Center with the fantasy of Sedomir, Together with Me, First Lady of Honor; Jennifer María García García, representing Malidente SLU, with the fantasy Volver a Soñar, designed by Asociación Nira, Second Maid of Honour; Marta González Pérez, who represents McDonald's and El Día-La Opinión de Tenerife, with a fantasy by Daniel Pages called El Cielo de Fondoas Third Maid of Honor; and Tania Pérez de la Rosa, representing El Gusto Por el Vino and Dormitorum SL with the fantasy La Monarca by Juan Carlos Armas, as Fourth Maid of Honor.

The gala began with a vibrant opening on three stages, performed by Argel Campos, Míriam Reyes, David Afonso, Cristian, Noemí Reverón, Sara Almeida, Andrea Rodríguez and Wycho Torres and accompanied by the Gala ballet. The spectacular costumes inspired by space science fiction, by Leo Martínez dressed the group that sang to return to normality, to the recovery of dreams, and the recovery of the Carnival.

The culmination of the night was represented by the long-awaited performance by Chanel that surprised with a new version of SloMo, which began with her in a glass cage.

The 2022 Carnival in Tenerife will continue in the following weeks with several more events, until June 23rd when the street carnival will begin in the center of Santa Cruz. 

See more images from the Queen Gala at Tenerife Carnival 2022

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