Several areas of La Palma in confinement before a new lava flow reaches the sea

Published on November 22, 2021
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The Government of the Canary Islands ordered the confinement of residents living in Tazacorte, San Borondón and the area of ​​El Cardón up to the Camino los Palomares, due to the arrival of the lava that had advanced for days between the mountains of Todoque and La Laguna.

This measure was taken as a precaution against possible emissions of gases when the lava reaches the sea, which could be harmful to people's health.

According to Pevolca, it is recommended that people in these areas close the doors, windows, blinds and any air inlet from outside, and, if possible, stay confined only in most interior rooms.

Currently, there are three points where the lava from the volcano on La Palma has reached the sea and the images published today show the river of molten lava descending from a cliff, with a dense cloud of gases forming when it comes in contact with the ocean water.

Currently, several emission centers with variable activity (both pyroclasts and gases, as well as lava) are still active on La Palma as the configuration of the eruptive zone changes. The appearance of new emission centers around the main cone, within the exclusion zone, is not ruled out.

These are images from today when the lava reached the sea again

The lava flow advancing today on La Palma

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