Spain eases entry rules for unvaccinated British visitors

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Spain has just announced today that it's easing the entry rules for unvaccinated visitors from third countries (meaning also the UK), so unvaccinated travellers from these countries will be able to visit Spain again. 

This is a long awaited decision from Spain's, as other popular summer destinations in Europe, like Greece, Bulgaria or Croatia have already eased the requirements for tourists.

What does this mean for unvaccinated travellers from the UK?

This change in rules means that the vaccine certificate is no longer mandatory for UK passport holders in order to travel to Spain. People looking to visit can still use their recovery certificate if they have one (valid for 180 days), OR they can travel to Spain with a negative test, either antigen or PCR.

PCR tests can be carried out within a maximum of 72 hours before arriving in Spain, while antigen tests must be carried out with a maximum of 24 hours before arrival.

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