Temperature reached 35.7ºC in Fuerteventura today, due to a heat burst, a rare meteorological phenomenon

high temperatures fuerteventura warm blowout

Temperatures have reached 35.7ºC today in Pajara, Fuerteventura, in what is known as a heat burst, a rare meteorological phenomenon.

According to Aemet, the temperature has risen suddenly by 5 - 6ºC in less than an hour, which is not something that happens often.

Initially, the maximum temperatures were expected to rise up to 34ºC today in inland areas of Fuerteventura and the south of Gran Canaria and up to 30-32ºC in Lanzarote and south-southeast of Tenerife.

What is a heat burst?

Although the phenomenon is not fully understood, the event is thought to occur when rain evaporates (virga) into a parcel of cold, dry air high in the atmosphere, making the air denser than its surroundings.[2] The parcel descends rapidly, warming due to compression, overshoots its equilibrium level, and reaches the surface, similar to a downburst. (source)

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