Tenerife accommodation occupancy rose to around 85% in August

Published on September 06, 2022
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The hotel and non-hotel establishments associated with Ashotel closed the month of August with quite positive data, which raised the average occupancy in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to 84.82%.

By islands, La Palma is for the second consecutive month the island with the best data in the entire province, with an average occupancy rate of 90.9% and an improvement of 22 points past the forecast at the beginning of summer, which put the occupancy rate at 68%. This is due to several factors, but the most notable is the lower volume of beds currently available, since almost a year after the volcanic eruption, the tourist area of ​​Puerto Naos, one of the main ones on the island, remains closed due to the harmful effects of the gases emanating from the volcano. Likewise, the Isla Bonita has had most visitors coming from the national market (peninsular and Canarian), some of whom, in the case of the local market, have switched from the traditional August trip to La Gomera to a trip to La Palma.

El Hierro also increased its average occupancy last month to 86.28%, also very positive data that exceeded the initial expectations made by the Ashotel forecast survey, presented in mid-June, by 8 points.

La Gomera improved by several points (76%) the occupancy registered in July (67%), but it has not reached the full potential it had during the summer months like August when local tourism usually increases by a lot. La Gomera has been affected due to the transfer of tourists to the island to La Palma, while its main international market, Germany, continues to recede due to the generalized crisis in Europe, motivated by the war in Ukraine and its direct effects on energy prices.

Finally, Tenerife registered an average very similar to the provincial average, with 84.84% occupancy in hotel and non-hotel establishments associated with Ashotel.

In the case of the different areas of Tenerife, the hotels and apartments in the south closed with an average of 87.88%, while in the north it was 77.3% and in the metropolitan area it was 59%.

Occupancy in August 2022 vs 2019

The survey also shows that 53.4% ​​of the associated establishments in the province state that their occupancy in August was greater than that of August 2019, while 29.5% indicate that it was less and 17.1%, the same as that of the same pre-pandemic period.

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