Tenerife Weather in September - Is September a good month to visit?

Published on August 26, 2022
TenerifeWeather in Tenerife
Tenerife weather september
Is Tenerife a good place to visit in September?

In Tenerife, and in the Canary Islands in general, the month of September is still regarded as a summer month, although officially the autumn season has begun. But not in the Canaries! Over here, summer lasts a little bit longer...

In our opinion, September is the perfect month to visit Tenerife, or any other Canary Island actually.

You wonder why?

Because the weather is still hot, the sea is as warm as it gets and the islands are a bit less crowded once the school year starts throughout Europe. So we are able to enjoy the beautiful September weather in Tenerife without having to deal with all the bad parts that come with a popular tourist destination. 

But don't think that September is a quiet or low month for tourism in Tenerife.

The island is a year-round destination and each season has its own advantages and disadvantages. For me, the best time to visit Tenerife is either in the last 2 weeks of September, either between December - February, but this is a personal opinion, as I don't like too much heat, which is why I avoid the summer months.

Weather in Tenerife in September

Statistically, August is the hottest month in Tenerife.

But September doesn't fall much behind it.

The weather in September in Tenerife is still as hot as it gets, rain is still an event unlikely to happen and the sea is at the perfect temperature for swimming.

The differences in climate between the north and the south start to be more visible again starting in September. If during the summer months both the north and the south are warm and pleasant, starting the second half of September the weather in Puerto de la Cruz starts to feel a bit cooler than the south. For us, it's still perfect in September in Puerto de la Cruz, but for a sun worshiper, the south - Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas, should be a more suitable choice. 

Tenerife South in September

September in Tenerife South is still regarded as a summer month.

The beaches are still the main attraction in Tenerife South in September and we are not surprised. Everyone wants to extend their summer as much as possible and in Tenerife that is possible. We would advise you to explore as many of the best beaches in Tenerife as possible, as the weather is still perfect for sunbathing. 

Don't miss a day at Playa la Pinta (Puerto Colon) or Playa las Vistas, our 2 favorite beaches in the south.

Temperatures in Tenerife in September

Temperatures in September in Tenerife are still around 30°C during the daytime and the nights continue to be pleasant with temperatures in the low 20s°C.

  • Average high temp at Tenerife South Airport: 27.9°C (82.2°F)
  • Average low temp at Tenerife South Airport: 21.1°C (70.0°F)
  • Average high temp in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 28.1°C (82.6°F)
  • Average low temp in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 21.7°C (71.1°F)

Although it may seem like the South of Tenerife is a bit cooler than Santa Cruz, the island's capital, please keep in mind that the temperature is from the Airport station, where it's a bit cooler and windier than on the southern coastline of Tenerife where the tourist resorts are located.

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Tenerife in September (at Tenerife South Airport station) was 41.8°C and the lowest was 16.5°C.

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September is pretty much a dry month, as it hardly ever rains, especially in Tenerife South.

The chances of rain start to increase considerably towards the end of the month, mostly in the north of the island. Chances of rain are about 10% in the south towards the end of September and around 27% in the north. So if you're going to one of the southern resorts in Tenerife, you don't have to worry about the rain yet.

Even in the north, September is a good month for visiting, as the rain period doesn't last for long and it's nothing like the usual storms that happen in November in Tenerife.

Sunshine hours

Tenerife gets an average of 8 hours/day of sunshine in September. So although the weather is still hot and perfect for sunbathing, the sunshine hours are considerably reduced compared to August, when we had around 10 h of sunshine per day.

Sea temperature

The average sea temperature in September in Playa de las Americas: is 23.7°C / 74.7°F.

This means that September is pretty much an ideal month for swimming in Tenerife. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and hit the beaches!

Things to do in September

September is a month full of possibilities in Tenerife: from sunbathing, to hiking, cycling and practicing water sports, everything is at its best.

Go to Punta de Teno

punta de teno lighthouse tenerife
The lighthouse at Punta de Teno on the west coast of Tenerife

From Punta de Teno you get one of the best views in Tenerife. While in winter the weather can be sometimes tricky, as it can rain fairly often and the wind usually blows hard, in September you still have good chances to arrive there on a day with sunny weather, just perfect for taking in the view of the Los Gigantes cliffs, as seen from the other end of the island.

Go and see the authentic Canarian architecture in La Orotava

casa de los balcones la orotava
Casa de los Balcones in La Orotava, Tenerife

The weather in La Orotava can be pretty crappy in winter. This is why we recommend you to visit either during the summer months or in September.

I've never managed to visit La Orotava on a dry day. I'm not even wishing for a sunny day, just a day when it's not pouring horizontal rain. It's true that we've usually been there in winter, so this is why we advise you to go in September if possible. Just check the forecast or one of the online webcams to see how the weather is.

La Orotava is a gorgeous town and you shouldn't miss a visit to the famous Casa de los Balcones.

Events in September

Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz

Yes, the summer carnival in Puerto de la Cruz takes place in September.

It's a great event and a chance to dance and have fun while on holiday. It lasts for 4 days over a weekend and you can listen to local bands and mix in with the other tourists and locals as well.

Puerto de la Cruz Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is yet another event in Puerto de la Cruz celebrated in September. It usually takes place in the first weekend of September in Plaza de Europa.

This is a festival with great tradition in Tenerife, celebrated in Puerto de la Cruz since 1973.

FAQ about Tenerife in September

Is Tenerife warm in September?

Yes, the weather in Tenerife is still warm in September, especially in the south of the island. So we recommend these resorts: Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje but also Puerto de la Cruz if you want to take part in all the events that take place in September.

How warm is Tenerife towards the end of September?

The entire month of September is still very warm in the south of Tenerife, even hotter than the summers in many other European countries.

Does it rain in Tenerife in September?

It hardly rains in September, especially in the south of Tenerife where most of the tourist resorts are located.

Is September a good time to visit Tenerife?

Yes, September is one of our favorite months in Tenerife and in the Canary Islands in general, because it's still warm and nice, although not overly hot like in August or July.

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