Best Things To Do in Bajamar - Visit Bajamar (Tenerife North)

Published on September 17, 2019
TenerifeThings to do in Tenerife
Big waves in Bajamar (March 2019)

Bajamar is a small town and resort in Tenerife, which is especially popular among German tourists and also among tourists coming from the Nordic countries in Europe.

Bajamar is located in the very north of Tenerife, close to Punta del Hidalgo and is part of the municipality San Cristobal de La Laguna.

The tourism in Bajamar is very different from the noisy and busy south of Tenerife; here most of the noises come from the ocean, which is truly an incredible spectacle to watch on most days.

Bajamar is a pretty tranquil place to stay in Tenerife, an ideal location for people who want to relax, enjoy nature and do some hiking, as you have the Anaga Rural Park nearby.

In Bajamar you won't find any all-inclusive hotels, instead, you'll mostly find private apartments and holiday homes, so we recommend checking Airbnb if you want to look for accommodation in the area.

What to do in Bajamar

Best things to do in Bajamar: surf, relax and enjoy the natural pools.

Bamajar Natural Pool 

The natural pool in Bajamar

It is a lovely natural pool, with sea water, where you can enjoy swimming without having to worry about currents or waves. 

There's no entrance fee so everyone can enjoy the natural pool in Bajamar for free.

You'll even find showers and toilets next to the pools and there are lifeguards on site even in winter.

The natural pool is the main attraction in Bajamar and there's a nice promenade in front, where you can just sit and admire the huge waves coming in and breaking when they hit the concrete.

Other places of interest in Bajamar

  • Playa del Arenal
  • Paseo Maritimo
  • Walk from Club Nautico Bajamar to Acantilados Cornisa del Achiemencey
  • Charco Mariane
  • Charco La Laja
  • Charco Redondo
  • Faro de Bajamar
  • Ermita San Juan Bautista 1628
  • Ermita del Gran Poder de Dios 1881
  • Gran Poder de Bajamar Church
  • Walk on the path next to Playa del Arenal
  • Hike from Bajamar to Cruz del Carmen - or better yet, the other way around. You can take a bus to go to Cruz del Carmen and hike from there towards Bajamar, if you wish to avoid climbing for the most part of your hike, as the difference in altitude between the two points is around 1065 m. See more details about the PR - TF 12 Cruz del Carmen - Bajamar hike.
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