8 Best Things To Do in Costa Calma

Costa Calma is a small tourist resort in the south of Fuerteventura, which is close to some of the island's most beautiful beaches. The Jandia Peninsula is the perfect place to go and explore massive unspoiled beaches and many locals will tell you that here you'll find the best beaches in Fuerteventura. Once you see some of these places with your own eyes, you'll easily understand why.

Costa Calma is mostly preferred by German tourists, but of course you'll meet here other nationalities as well. You'll see that many signs here will say German bakery, German doctor etc. and even the radio is in German. So yes, this is an area preferred by German visitors, as opposed to the north of the island which is preferred by British tourists. 

But even if you choose another place to stay in Fuerteventura during your holiday, Costa Calma is well worth a visit and the area around it as well.

Sotavento Beach

Best Things To Do in Costa Calma

1. Sotavento beach

Playa Sotavento is probably one of Fuerteventura's best beaches and you can see it on many postcards and and images depicting the island. With the high tide it forms a massive lagoon that represents the main attraction of this place. It's a kitesurfer's dream as well as a photographer's dream, because the entire landscape is fascinating, the water has a turquoise color and it's truly a unique sight. If you want to see Sotavento beach at it's best, keep in mind that you should try to visit during high tide.

2. The African Market in Costa Calma

This market is on Wednesdays and Sunday and it's worth going only if you are in the area. You will find the usual fake bags and watches, souvenirs and other objects that repeat themselves from stall to stall. Do bargain if you want to buy something and be careful with your belongings.

Location: Calle Happag - Lloyd, Costa Calma

3. Take Kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons 

If you're a beginner, this is the perfect place to practice and take lessons. There are several schools in this area and you can have group lessons as well as private lessons, depends on your budget.

4. Fuerteventura Windsurfing World Championship 

As we said, the south of the island is the perfect place for water sports, which is why The Windsurfing championship takes place here on Playa Barca every July. Costa Calma is a great place to stay in the area if you want to be here during the competition.

5. Visit Oasis Park

If you're on a family holiday, we have an entire list of things to do with the kids, but Oasis Park is probably the best and they will enjoy this day to the max. It's a beautiful well maintained park and it's a great day out for adults as well.

Oasis Park offers a free shuttle so it's easy to get there even if you don't have a rental car.

6. A visit to Morro Jable

Morro Jable is just a short drive away further south, about 30 km.

If you have a rental car you can stop at other amazing beaches on your way like Playa Mal Nombre and Playa Esquinzo.

7. A trip to Cofete

From Morro Jable you can take a bus or you can drive yourself, although be warned that most rental cars don't have insurance on dirt roads like the one that goes to Cofete. But the beach is well worth the effort of getting there, as it's one of the most beautiful views you'll ever get to see.

8. Discover more amazing beaches in the Jandia Peninsula

The south of Fuerteventura is home to some of the island's most famous and amazing beaches, so honestly there is lots to explore in the area if you're a person who loves spending time in the sun.

Besides Playa Sotavento, which we already mentioned, make sure to also visit Playa Mal Nombre and Playa de Esquinzo. Out of all the things to do in Costa Calma, exploring the coastline is always our top choice. There's simply nothing better or more amazing than seeing those lovely landscapes and the way the beaches change with the tides.

We believe that Costa Calma is suited for people who loves water sports and quiet & relaxing holidays, with a focus on nature. The best beaches are the ones outside the urban areas, so we encourage you to go out and discover all the beautiful treasures of the Jandia peninsula.

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