Things To Do With Kids in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura may seem at first a boring destination for family with children, but there's plenty to do and see around this beautiful island. Besides swimming and playing around the hotel pool, there are plenty of activities and places that cater for the needs of families with young children.

These are our top recommendations for a family holiday, if you're looking for things to do with the kids in Fuerteventura.

FUERTEVENTURA - a child friendly destination

1. A day at Oasis Park

oasis park fuerteventura canary islands
Pink flamingos at Oasis Park


Oasis Park is the only animal park on the island, but it is a very beautiful place and definitely worth a visit.

The park is quite large and it will easily fill an entire day.

There are 3 shows available: one with parrots, one with sea lions and one with birds of prey.

If you get hungry there are 2 or 3 restaurants around the park with good food at affordable prices. You can read more about Oasis Park Fuerteventura in our dedicated article.

2. Surfing lessons or another watersport

surfing fuerteventura

If your children are old enough to try surfing, kite surfing or maybe paddle boarding, then Fuerteventura is a great place to learn.

There are several surfing schools all around the island, so no matter where you decide to stay you will have access to one.

Sotavento Beach in the South of Fuerteventura is probably the most famous surfing beach, since here there is an annual championship for surfing

3. A visit to Acua Park

waterpark corralejo fuerteventura

The Acua Park is situated in Corralejo, in the north of the island so it's a very good idea if you're staying nearby.

The park has some nice slides and one restaurant and you can easily spend at least half a day here. Although it's not as big as Siam Park in Tenerife for example, the Acua Park in Corralejo provides a day of entertainment for the kids and a day of relaxation for parents.

4. Learn to fly a kite

Fuerteventura literally means Strong Winds, so why not take advantage of that?

You can bring a kite with you or you can buy one here and go on the west coast for the strongest winds. This could be a great activity that you can share with your kids and it will certaintly be a lot of fun.

The great thing about flying kites is that it can be done anywhere on the island. It doesn't take up much space and the kids will be occupied for at least one hour each day. Win win situation for you and them!

5. Land sailing at Flag Beach

landsailing fuerteventura

This is an activity for the entire family and it will be so much fun!

Remember that you have to book in advance and the people that run the business also offer a service where they can pick you up at your hotel or residence.

This is another activity that uses the wind and climate of Fuerteventura, just like the water sports or kite flying.

Land sailing is pretty safe and you also get a brief training. Kids will enjoy it for sure, but adults love it too so don't skip this one.

The price is quite reasonable and you can try at first just 30 minutes to see if you like it. These were our top 5 things to do with kids in Fuerteventura.

Of course there's the usual trips to the beach and on this island you really have a variety to choose from. You can explore and discover new beaches every day and your children will not get bored at all.

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