6 Beautiful towns and villages to visit in Gran Canaria

Published on March 15, 2021
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Gran Canaria is a popular beach destination for Europeans, but there's much more to see on the island besides the beaches and the resorts. The Canary Islands have a wealth of beautiful landscapes and charming villages, many of them hidden in the mountains, which you should really visit.

In our opinion, the Canary Islands are a really unique place in the world so make sure to go out and explore, discover the beautiful villages and towns and enjoy the unique landscapes.

Most beautiful towns and villages in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the second-largest Canary Island in terms of population and although Las Palmas is a large city, one of the top 10 cities in Spain, the rest of the island is full of small charming villages and towns, which are ideal for day trips.

1. Tejeda

gran canaria tejeda
View of Tejeda village in Gran Canaria

Tejeda is a village in the center of Gran Canaria and it's often considered as one of the most beautiful villages in  Spain and in consequence, one of the most charming villages in the Canary Islands.

Many people come to Tejeda to see the iconic Roque de Nublo, but we also recommend you to go on one of the many hiking trails, to explore more of the natural surroundings. Many hiking trails will start from Cruz de Tejeda. 

2. Agaete

agaete gran canaria

Agaete is a fishing village in the north of  Gran Canaria and it's a place with a lot of charm.

You can go to Agaete to have lunch with fresh caught fish, then go and take a dip in the natural swimming pools.

Many visitors also used to come to Agaete to see the rock formation known as "God's finger", which sadly got destroyed in a storm a few years ago. Nevertheless, the village is still worth visiting, as the landscapes around it are breathtaking.  

3. Teror

teror gran canaria
Visit Teror in Gran Canaria

Teror is a small town in the center of Gran Canaria and it's often seen as the heart and soul of the island.

In Teror you should pay a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine (Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pino), which is dedicated to the patron saint of Gran Canaria, so it has great importance. Teror is also a beautiful village to visit in Gran Canaria due to the beautifully preserved Canarian architecture, with its authentic wooden balconies.  

4. Arucas

arucas gran canaria

Arucas is located only a few minutes away by car from Las Palmas and it is home to the amazing church of San Juan Bautista, popularly known as " the cathedral of Arucas ".

This church is one of the It is one most impressive building in Gran Canaria and it is really worth seeing. Also in Arucas, you can go visit the Arehucas rum factory, which is the most popular rum produced in the Canary Islands. 

5. Aguimes

aguimes gran canaria

Aguimes is located in the municipality with the same name, located in the southeast of the island.

The old town of  Aguimes is worth seeing on a stroll, with no rush, as it's one of the most beautiful in Gran Canaria. It is a peaceful place, preserving the Canarian architecture and nearby you can visit other places, where you can marvel at the natural landscapes of Gran Canaria, like Temisas or Barranco  Guayadeque.  

6. Firgas

firgas village gran canaria

Villa de Firgas is known in Gran Canaria as the village of water, and it sits in the north of the island, in the municipality with the same name. 

Firgas is situated about 28 km away from Las Palmas and it sits at an altitude of 465 m above sea level.

We recommend you to take a walk around the historic center of Firgas to see the Paseo de Gran Canaria and the Paseo de Canarias, the square and the Parish Church of San Roque and the Firgas water mill.

After visiting the village, you can venture out to Doramas Natural Park to see the ravines and the abundance of vegetation, which makes for a very different landscape, when compared to the south of the island.


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