Visit Firgas, the city of water in Gran Canaria

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Firgas, Gran Canaria, one of the most charming towns on the island

The town of Firgas is located in the municipality with the same name, in the north of Gran Canaria and relatively close to the capital Las Palmas.

Although Firgas is well-known for its water, as the brand of water Firgas is one of the most popular that you'll find in the archipelago, the irony is that nor the town, nor the municipality has any access to the ocean.

But what Firgas does have is a breathtaking view over the coast, which is why it's also known as the "balcony of the Atlantic".

How to get to Firgas and where to park

If you're in Las Palmas, you can visit Firgas using public transport, as bus line no 204 has a direct route between Las Palmas and Firgas, although the journey can be quite long, as there are 44 stations in between. 

Another option would be to drive to Firgas yourself, which is what we did. 

There is a free municipal parking close to the main attractions in Firgas, so it was easy for us to park and explore.

Day trip to Firgas and the heart of Gran Canaria

If you're visiting Gran Canaria and you want to discover a bit more places around the island, then we recommend a visit to Firgas, a charming small town with a few iconic places to see, which you've probably seen on some brochures or guides, although you may not have even known where they're from.

If you're staying in the south and you don't want to drive in Gran Canaria, then you can go on a day trip that takes you to some of the most beautiful towns and villages in Gran Canaria like Arucas and Firgas. 

  • Visit Telde, Arucas and Firgas
  • Admire the stunning mountain landscapes with a stop at Mirador de Tejeda for amazing views over Roque Nublo and El Teide
  • Return bus service from the following areas: Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, San Agustín, Bahía Feliz, Puerto Rico, Arguineguín, Taurito and Puerto Mogán

What to do in Firgas, Gran Canaria

Firgas is actually the smallest municipality in Gran Canaria and its neighbors are Moya, Valleseco, Teror and Arucas.

With less than 10,000 inhabitants, Firgas sits 465 m above sea level and it's known for the brand of water Firgas, which you will probably see in all supermarkets and restaurants in Gran Canaria.

1. Paseo de Gran Canaria

paseo gran canaria firgas canary islands

Firgas is recognized by tourists based on two places in town, situated actually next to each other, both places being quite photogenic and attractive for tourists: Paseo de Canarias and Paseo de Gran Canaria.

On one side of the Paseo de Gran Canaria, you can admire the 21 heraldic coats of arms representing all the municipalities of Gran Canaria, in addition to the insular coat of arms.

2. Paseo de Canarias

paseo de canarias firgas gran canaria

After the Paseo de Gran Canaria, you can continue on your way up strolling through Paseo de Canarias, where each island in the Canaries has been sculpted and there are also heraldic shields and a representative landscape for each one of them.

3. Church of San Roque and Plaza de San Roque

visit firgas gran canaria
Plaza de San Roque in Firgas, Gran Canaria

Plaza de San Roque is probably the most important square in Firgas and from here you can admire some of the most stunning views over the north of Gran Canaria. Also, on very clear days, you can even see the islands of Fuerteventura and Tenerife, so it's a nice spot to relax and admire the surrounding landscapes.

4. Mirador Plaza de San Roque

mirador plaza de san roque firgas gran canaria

From the square next to the church you can admire the view towards Barranco de Azuaje, San Andres and Bañaderos. 

There are actually several viewing points around Firgas from where you can admire the views like Mirador de las Pellas, on the road between Firgas and Teror and Mirador de Las Madres which is 300 m from the Historic Center of Firgas.

5. The Old Royal Canal

This water canal was inaugurated in Firgas in 2009 as a testimony of the past, back when it was used by women to launder clothes, which is why you will see some women's hands washing clothes. The canal continues until it reaches Arucas.

6. Monument to the rancher

rancher monument firgas gran canaria spain
Rancher monument in Firgas, Gran Canaria

This sculpture was inaugurated in 1998 and it is the work of sculptor D. José Luis Marrero Cabrera, who is originally from Arucas. The sculpture is located behind La Casa de la Cultura.

This sculpture acts as a tribute to farmers and ranchers in the area, who helped the area to prosper. Firgas is partially located in an area known as Selva de Doramas, which is abundant in water, which makes the land fertile, so agriculture and animal farming used to be very popular occupations. 

7. Watercress terraces

Firgas is well known in Gran Canaria as one of the best places for growing watercress. When walking along Paseo de Canarias you may even notice there's a big mural on the side of a building dedicated to watercress and there are also many restaurants in Firgas serving various dished based on watercress.

El Rincon de Marcos in Firgas is one of those restaurants that specialize in having a menu based mainly on watercress, which is the local specialty and it's probably the best place in Gran Canaria to try it. 

In case you haven't tried watercress yet, we recommend trying watercress soup (potaje de berros), a dish that is available not only in Gran Canaria, but also in Tenerife. Also, if you're in Las Palmas, we recommend trying the watercress croquettes (croquetas de berros) at the Restaurant Piscos & Buches Gourmet Canario, located inside Mercado del Puerto. You can read about our experience there and see some photos in the article Gran Canaria beyond the resorts.

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