La Palma Revealed as Filming Location for The Witcher on Netflix

Charlotte Brändström, director of the series "The Witcher", set to premiere later this year on Netflix, has posted online some photos which confirm the fact that part of the series will be filmed in the Canary Islands, more precisely on the island of La Palma.

Brändström has posted on her personal Instagram account some photos showing her in La Palma during a location scouting trip on the island. No other details have been provided about what region La Palma could represent in The Witcher series.

According to, some speculations mention Skellige as a possibility (given the fact that it is also an archipelago), or southern Nilfgaard if filming will take place inland, or even Zerrikania because it makes more sense in terms of location and climate of La Palma. But we will probably have no confirmation in regards to this until the series will be released on Netflix.

The filming for the series has already started in Eastern Europe, more precisely in Hungary.

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League) will be the protagonist in The Witcher and the series will be released on Netflix later this year, although no date has been confirmed yet (since the filming is still ongoing at the moment).

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