Do you need a minimum of 100 Euros per day to travel to Spain? What is the legal requirement?

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We got a lot of comments and questions recently regarding the requirement to prove you have a minimum of 100 Euros per day in order to be allowed into Spain, a fact that has stirred up a lot of confusion and debate, so we'll try to explain the context, as this is not something new. 

We've only recently published an article explaining the so-called "6 drinks rule for all-inclusive hotels", which only applies in certain resorts in the Balearic Islands, but there have also been a lot of questions regarding the fact that people have only just learned that you can be asked to prove that you have enough money for your stay in Spain.

According to rules valid in regards to travel from third countries, visitors coming to Spain from countries outside the EU or outside the Schengen area can be required to prove that they have enough financial funds to support themselves during their stay in the country.

What is the minimum amount required for Spain?

Currently, the minimum amount is 100 euros per person per day, with a minimum of 900 euros or its legal equivalent in foreign currency (with effect from January 1, 2022).

Why 100 euros per day? How have they reached this amount?

The amount represents in euros 10% of the minimum gross interprofessional salary or its legal equivalent in foreign currency multiplied by the number of days visitors intend to stay in Spain and by the number of people traveling at their expense. Said amount will, in any case, be a minimum that represents 90% of the gross interprofessional minimum wage in force at any given time or its legal equivalent in foreign currency per person, regardless of the planned length of stay.

So, since the Spanish authorities have set the minimum interprofessional salary at €1,000 euros per month since January 1, 2022, the set minimum amount required for visitors is now 100 Euros per day. 

Do you need to have the money on you in cash in case you're asked to prove you have enough funds?

No, you don't need to have large amounts of cash on you to prove you meet the requirements to sustain yourself while in Spain.

You can also prove you have enough funds by showing a recent bank statement for example. 

Is Spain the only country to have this rule in place?

No, all countries in the EU have a minimum set amount of money, but this amount is different for each country. 


For France, the minimum amount is €120 per day if you can't prove you have a prepaid accommodation or €65 per day if you can prove you already have paid for your accommodation.

For Italy, the minimum amount is different depending on the length of stay, for Germany it's €45 per day and for Belgium, it's €95 per day if staying in a hotel, and €45 per day if you stay in other types of accommodation like private apartments. 

So as you can see, the amounts and conditions are different for each country and you should check the specific conditions for each certain country if you want to know the exact requirement before traveling.

  • Click here if you want to see an official page from Spain's Ministry of Interior (Ministerio del Interior) where the 100 Euros per day requirement is mentioned and explained (the page is in Spanish but you can use Google Translate). 

EU countries are not the only ones requiring that visitors be able to prove they have enough financial means when entering their territory. Actually, a lot of countries in the world have this requirement but the conditions and amounts vary considerably. It is a common condition and although this requirement officially exists, it is not something that is automatically asked from anyone entering Spain. 

In Thailand, you need to prove that you have funds of at least 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family during your stay in the country.

Does this requirement to prove you have at least 100 Euros per day also apply to the Canary Islands?

Yes, as part of Spain, the same entry rules apply also when visiting the Canary Islands.

But this rule is nothing new and it's also not unique, as there are many countries that can ask for tourists to be able to prove they have enough funds for their stay.

How likely is it to be asked to prove you have these funds when entering Spain?

Personally, we haven't heard of anyone being asked by Border Police to show they have 100 Euros per day in funds when entering Spain, either through the Canary Islands or anywhere else. We're not saying it does not happen, just that we personally don't know anyone who has gone through this situation. 

Spain's economy relies heavily on tourism, so unless there is a serious reason to do so, we don't think that the authorities will start to check funds on every tourist entering their country.

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