Canary Islands to experience a hotter than normal summer according to Aemet

Published on June 21, 2023
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According to Aemet (the State Meteorological Agency) forecasts, there's a probability of over 70% that this summer will be warmer than normal in the Canary Islands.

Actually, based on the forecast, the current summer could be one of the hottest in recent years in the Canary Islands, according to the spring weather balance made public this Monday by the Government sub-delegate, Javier Plata, and the director of the AEMET Meteorological Center in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Víctor Quintero.

Regarding spring, it has been verified that the March-April-May quarter has been the warmest since 1961, with an average temperature of 19.6ºC in the province of Las Palmas, with a thermal anomaly of 1.8ºC- and an average temperature of 17.1ºC in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

"There is a high probability that the summer will be warmer than normal with all the precautions that must be taken into account," reiterated Quintero, who specified that however, light rainfall is expected this week.

Aemet also specifies in its report that this spring has been the driest since 1961 -especially in the northeast of Tenerife - with 21% of normal precipitation and 11 liters per square meter, which corresponds to 4.5 liters in the eastern province and 18.9 in the west.

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