Tenerife at Level 4: What are level 4 restrictions in the Canary Islands?

Published on January 08, 2022
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It was announced yesterday that due to a rise in new infections Tenerife will go up to Level 4, which means more restrictions, although the measures have been revised by the Government, by taking into account the high level of vaccination that exists now in the Canary Islands, as compared to the previous times when Level 4 was in place in the archipelago.

What does Level 4 mean in the Canary Islands and how does it affect tourists coming on holiday?

In terms of restrictions that might affect tourists on holiday in Tenerife, now that the island is at Level 4, there are reduced capacity in bars and restaurants, earlier closing times for establishments and smaller groups allowed to sit together (except for non-cohabitants).

Main measures and restrictions at Level 4 in Tenerife

Note: Now that Gran Canaria and La Palma both have passed to Level 4, the same restrictions will apply there as well.

The same rules will apply to any other Canary Islands that may pass to Level 4 in the future (unless the measures are changed again).

  • Closing time for bars, restaurants, shops and other establishments is at 0:00 (midnight)]
  • Capacity in bars and restaurants: 75% outdoors on terraces and 33% indoors
  • Capacity for common spaces in tourist establishments like hotels: 50% outdoors and 33% indoors
  • Groups of a maximum of 6 people at a table
  • Capacity in public transport reduced to 75%
  • Capacity in food shops set at 75% ( in the case of shops that are not considered large commercial establishments)

Just like on islands at level 3, presenting the Covid certificate is mandatory at Level 4 in order to have access to restaurants, bars, gyms etc.

No more Covid test needed in order to travel from islands at Level 4

The Government also suspended the need to present a Covid test in order to travel from an island placed at Level 4 restriction to another island that is at a lower level.


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