Possible light rain in the Canary Islands this weekend

Published on September 14, 2022
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According to Aemet (the State Meteorological Agency), light to moderate rain is forecasted for late Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures set to drop noticeably, especially on Sunday.

Thursday forecast

On Thursday the skies will be predominantly cloudy, while in Tenerife and the rest of the mountainous islands the sky will be overcast especially in the northern parts of the islands.

Low probability of light and occasional rains in the north of these islands, while rain is not completely ruled out in the easternmost islands as well, especially towards the end of the day.

Weekend forecast

Rainfall will be likely on Friday, although it will be generally weak and occasional in the north of the mountainous islands and the southeast of Tenerife, without ruling out Lanzarote and the north of Fuerteventura during the second half of the day.

On Saturday, the north of the mountainous islands will be cloudy, with generally light rains possible, without ruling out that locally the rains may be moderate in these areas. In the west of Lanzarote and north of Fuerteventura there is a probability of weak and occasional rain and with little probability in the rest of the archipelago. General drop in maximum temperatures, being more pronounced in inland areas, with a more significant drop expected for Sunday when the temperatures will be a few degrees lower than the day before.

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